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In this Instructable I will describe different ways to block or kill RFID tags. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. If you do not know about this technology yet, you should definitely start familiarizing yourself with it, because the number of different devices that utilize these types of tags is growing exponentially.

RFID chips are very similar to barcodes in the sense that a certain amount of data is contained within them, and then transmitted to a reading device which then processes and utilizes the information. The major difference is that barcodes have to be physically visible to the reading device, which is usually only able to scan them at a distance of a 12 inches or less. RFID tags, on the other hand, do not have to be visible to the reading device. They can be scanned through clothes, wallets, and even cars. The distance from which they can be read is also much greater than that of a barcode. At DEFCON an RFID tag was scanned at a distance of 69 feet, and that was back in 2005, the possible reading distance now is probably much greater than that.

There are a few different categories of RFID tags, but the most common ones, and the ones we will be dealing with in this instructable, are the "passive" type. Passive RFID chips contain no internal power supply. They contain an antenna which is able to have a current induced in it when within range of the RFID reader. The tag then uses that electricity to power the internal chip, which bounces its data back out through the antenna, where it will be picked up by the reader.

For more information on RFID tags check out the wikipedia entry.
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Hrmm...what happens if one closely surrounds the RFID chip with some shielding, THEN with more RFID chips? I'll need to try this. Hope others will, too. Getting the data from a single chip inside a pile of chips should create a challenge for a chip reader. I can't be the first one to have thought of this. Another idea: tap the antennae of the surrounding RFID's and add some more antenna surface to each, so they present stronger signals than the one you're concealing? If I were building a reader, I'd have it looking for the strongest signal. This would (maybe) leave the signal of the chip that's being protected look like background noise?

xiumu.baizai15 months ago

Hi everyone.i had been chipped around 1 year ago and firstly i don even know about it..I tought i was going crazy because of stress.Until i found the web that i search at google about DEVICE in human body. Then i know about chips or RDID these things.Can somebody please help me? I dont know what kind of chips had been plant in my body. People can know and hear my thinking , can see my brain vision, can feel what i feel (body system), and my eye was like a camera or something, they can see what i see. Please someone helps me. Thank you : )

This would have been more convincing--LOL:

Please tell me how you got rid of the microchip. Someone told me that I have one in my body and I am scared. What should I do, I went to the doctors and they are calling me delusional.
Any luck destroying implant
xiumu.baizai15 months ago

Hi everyone.i had been chipped around 1 year ago and firstly i don even know about it..I tought i was going crazy because of stress.Until i found the web that i search at google about DEVICE in human body. Then i know about chips or RDID these things.Can somebody please help me? I dont know what kind of chips had been plant in my body. People can know and hear my thinking , can see my brain vision, can feel what i feel (body system), and my eye was like a camera or something, they can see what i see. Please someone helps me. Thank you : )

i experience the same thing bro., we need to talk,. where you from?

Any luck destroying implant
CB104 months ago

My stalker put an implant in me without my permission or knowledge. How is the best way to remedy this situation? Please help!!!

hummerLftEar CB102 months ago
Any luck destroying implant
AOO2 CB104 months ago

Something doesn't add up in your story...

xiumu.baizai15 months ago

# Forgot to mention about it #

I can hear the voice of others in my brain that not from my brain system and my body system keep get shocked like been gun by some kind of device through the chips

Any luck destroying implant
Sarahlovebb5 months ago
How do you wreck a chip thats under the skin? Other than cutting it out as I don't know exactly where it is? Will a strong enough magnet work?
Any luck destroying implant
AllenC32 months ago
JoshI12 months ago
DojoR2 months ago

Use a hole punch

DojoR2 months ago
xiumu.baizai15 months ago

Please Everybodies kindly heart your help and answer is so much appreciate and need here..!!!!!!

SparkySolar6 months ago

Wikipedia is not research based, can not be used by clinical Researchers, as it is written by its members

Q2Q7 months ago
I want to thank you all for one of the best argumentative debates I have read in my life. This proves that America can and will move forward from our current problems if only we change the authorities of whom do our policy debates. I am listening and want to inform you that all RFID chips will be of minuscule power requirements and coated with the original recipients DNA tissue growth which was and is at this moments time your core concerns of injectable electronics. Thank you, you will be contacted in the near future and please continue your lively debates as they are the heart of the scientific method. Q
nibuad7 months ago
Wow. Quite the lively debate.

the way you'll know about the chip is by experience. my son in law had my grandson chipped for several reasons b4 2 yrs old now can use a cell phone like a remote control to make him say anything i looked and the boys eyes were cameras. the chip was put in his central nervous system. he cannot develop or do anything but is under complete control



2dMaxf7 years ago
How would you kill a rfid chip that is injected under the skin? They put these in crazies and people with Alzheimers desease. Got any idea? Magnets maybe?
G MAN 2dMaxf7 years ago
I too would like that info. I don't think magnets will? I have a dog with one. I really don't want to cut it out. there must be some way.
anubreed G MAN6 years ago
if i were yo i would get the chip removed. it has been proven in lab studys that canceruos tumor a very common sideefect of these chips
If your dog ever was picked up by animal control, that chip is likely the ONLY way you would have of ever getting it back. Collars and tags come off all the time. That chip only contains an ID number. That number can then be looked up by registered owners of scanners, but it doesn't contain any information than what you freely shared to start with. The ability for your dog to be able to be returned to you, solely because of that chip, saves millions of animal lives a year!
Yes it is returned to you, in a cancerous state.....

yes, you must know something to say that. Not just cancerous I am guessing also demented... These sorts of gadgets should be banned...

That is just outright wrong!  RFID chips are no more dangerous than digital watches, and to even attempt to claim that microchips are dangerous to dogs is TOTALLY inappropriate, and completely wrong.  Comments and ill informed beliefs like that are blatantly ignorant of the facts, and harmful to the millions of animals which are saved every year by RFID microchips in pets.

Please, try and produce just ONE peer reviewed scientific and/or medical paper which proves your point.
Hey Das
Go to "talking it  An interview w/ Kathreen Albreck.  She has researched this and will prove the point!
An RFD is the "Mark of the Beast"?!?!  Give me a break.  That was a TOTAL waste of 1 hour of my life I'll never get back.

Serves me right to even have considered giving y'all the benefit of the doubt and trying to understand your reasoning and arguments to the contrary.

When you have some SCIENTIFIC evidence from PEER REVIEWED research, let me know... 'till then, keep your tinfoil hat thoughts to yourself... and stop trying to get pets KILLED by telling people microchips are unsafe for pets!

Here's a fun article that's only FIVE YEARS OLD.

Just imagine what kind of hacking tech is out NOWADAYS ;)

RFID are a lot safer for the pets than for the OWNERS who leave their contact info out there for any hacker with a cheap RFID reader.

And of course you can trust the private company with all of your private info on file. They won't get hacked like Target or ebay... or most of the other sites that got hacked with heartbleed...

Having RFID chips hanging around with tidbits of your private info stored here and there and everywhere isn't really a privacy or security risk at all...

Perfectly safe ;)

Anyone who disagrees is a "paranoid conspiracy theorist" (that's kind of like being a heretic or even worse... a racist).

It's like those people who were afraid of radiation in the '50s. Turns out radiation cures cancer! It's perfectly healthy! Silly people...

a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!!
@DAS_WOOKIE – You’re not alone, pal. I’d also like to see some FACTUAL DATA down the middle on this subject, not just RFID industry puff pieces at one end of the spectrum and “signs of the apocalypse” doom-saying at the other. And I’m sure there’s a whole lot more like us out there. However, amicus curiae (below) is quite correct – the corrupt, psychotic Reagan and Bush regimes slashed the FDA’s budget to the point where they could hardly “test” anything themselves, and had to rely on the industries they’re supposed to be regulating to “play nice” and NOT lie through their teeth for fun and profit at every opportunity… that is, when the political hacks those so-called “presidents” appointed weren’t just blatantly taking massive bribes to pass-off any old poison as “conditionally approved”….
there IS no peer reviewed info as the companies got them passed with their own shoddy trials, if you read the time spans?
only one or two dogs had them in place for more than a short time.
not the 10 to 15 years a normal animal lives.
vets are NOT required to report either.
and unless its a known site, many owneres wouldnt think to ask for a complete biopsy of the tumour IF they can afford the bill for removal anyway.
Here's "The Mark of the Beast": Saint John of Patmos misinterpreted his vision because he was from such a primitive culture. All he saw were fingerprints and retinal scans, which he couldn't possibly have understood.
I am not endorsing either side of this argument, but perhaps there may be other things inside of the chip that may raise the risk of cancer?  Things other than radio energy.  Like antimony, gallium, lithium, and a host of other "toxic" chemicals that are commonly used in electronics.  Even things like copper can lead to metal poisoning.

The point I'm trying to make is that just because there isn't a study that shows significant risk, doesn't mean that there isn't.  Also, studies in the past have been shown to be wrong at times.  So, if there is a study that shows risk, then it could be inaccurate.
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