Take an ordinary box of detergent and follow the steps on the video and soon enough you'll have successfully booby trapped a box of detergent. 
I must warn you, the results are messy!
<p>Haha!l Like the part when bottom falls open.</p>
in the video you seem soooo pissed when you demonstrate it. lol :)
well actualy they wouldnt be opening the bow nowere nere a washing machine but<br>nice ible<br>
Same awesome prank tutorials :D Keep them coming
another funny prank, <strong>nextraker</strong>.<br> Second vid without the voice modulator, tine for a change?<br>
This is your cleanest prank, EVER!
What a Mess!!!! ;-D
Awesome dude.
Good clean fun....
I love all of your pranks, keep it up!

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