Here I'd like to show you 2 different methods to braid challah with 6 strands, or ropes of dough. 

If you'd like to see some other ways to braid your challah, please look for my other Instructables.

Step 1: Method 1

We'll start with your favorite bread recipe. We'll do our braiding after the dough has risen once.

Split the dough in half, then split each half into thirds, to give you 6 equal pieces of dough.

Roll out each piece into a long rope.  I find the best way to make the rope even all the way across is to roll from the center outward.

Once you have all 6 ropes, lay them out and stack the top of the ropes together and pinch them together. Squeeze the ends together and tuck  them under a bit.
<p>Waw, so pretty &amp; cool too! It looks very tasty too! :) A great step-by-step guide!</p>
That's so pretty and you made it look so simple - thanks!
Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :D

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