Introduction: How to Break Into a Car Without the Alarm Going Off

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This is a guide on how to break into any car with nothing but a wedge and a cars antenna.

The man in the pictures is the owner of the car and he locked himself out during work so I told him to try this. I have a video I might upload soon. Most likely the alarm will not go off but I promise nothing.




Update 06/14/07
This only works with power locks that you push down, a button. The alarm may go off if you unlock all the doors so I suggest that you unlock just the drivers door.

Step 1: Locate Supplies

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You have to find a wedge like the one shown, something that can pull the door open a bit

In addition you must take the antenna off the car and bend it slightly.

Step 2: Pry and Wiggle

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Pry open the door slightly and fit the end on the antenna through, then wiggle it around and towards the open or unlock button, this can be VERY hard and might take awhile but once you have it you have to push down HARD then you will have a unlocked car.

P.S. try not to let the cops see you, they tend to arrest you, especially if your registration has a different address than your drivers license.

Step 3: Finishing Notes

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kid-defense (author)2007-07-25

If you make the "wedge" from a polycarbonate cutting board, it will not scratch the paint when used. (Wal-Mart sells polycarbonate cutting boards) Once I get the door spread at the top a bit, If It needs to be spread further, I slide an open blood preasure cuff into the crack created by the wedge, then pump it up to spread the door a bit further. I always carry two wires in my car, one is an old car antenna that is long and thin, made of spring steel. The other is a long piece of stainless steel wire. It has been my experience that most car alarms these days will still go off when the door is opened providing they are armed in the first place. However, I don't really worry about the alarm. ...FYI I'm a cop and get asked alot to open car doors for some poor soul locked out.

That's very irresponsible. It's not a very good idea to explain any opening techniques to the general public, and the tools you're using are barbaric and quite capable of causing a lot very expensive damage to any car. It's a much better idea to call a professional. In most cases (even if they state otherwise), pros take on full liability for damage they may cause.

LP2 (author)BorisTheSpider2014-02-09

The Professionals are everywhere !, just look for the fast car with the red lights. Only happened once.

Its not rocket science most could figure it out anyway.

nothing meant by this but you stated "It's not a very good idea to explain any opening techniques to the general public" yet your instructables feature tension wrenches and pick-guns

Of course you meant something - or you wouldn't have said anything ;) I take it by your statement, either A) You're already familiar with opening techniques, or B) You're completely unfamiliar with opening techniques. What I mean is that if you already know, it may seem like I'm spilling something, and if you know nothing, then it may appear that way also. However, going by what I've explained really probably won't get you into any locked doors. I explain how to make a couple tools, and give a brief description on using the one. If you're not already familiar with using them, then I may as well be speaking Venusian (which, of course, no men speak). If you are familiar, then it matters little. It's comparable to me showing you how to make the gigantic chisel(?) the author of this ible uses. Besides being irresponsible for matters of theft, etc., it's just not a good idea to spread the notion that people can do this sort of thing with no damage whatsoever. I've seen plenty of cars screwed up plenty with exactly the same mindset. They end up with a huge repair bill that's much higher than the cost of hiring a professional in the first place. While it's not surgery, it's a similar concept. They have special tools designed for the express purpose of opening your car without hurting anything. But I digress. I'll recapitulate: I stand by my original statement, and my ibles don't compromise that at all.

I speak Venutian (google it, it's spelled right :P ), my woman seems to understand me just fine. (I'm told that's where they come from...)

adrewmc (author)davethegiant2008-01-23

Well, thats nice to know but has absolutely to do with anything I can see...

davethegiant (author)adrewmc2008-01-24

You have to speak it to see it my friend. XD

Kudos on the Venutian-speak (see? most people don't even know how to spell it).

LP2 (author)kid-defense2014-02-09

Made me Laugh ! I remember getting Locked out or my mom's running Volvo in Toronto 2 hours from home. Police stopped and asked what was going on I told him he took pity and had the door open in under 30 seconds.

jbatchelor1 (author)kid-defense2011-10-02

not everone happans to have all that stuff in there back pocket wen thay are out and about .DOW

koner1 (author)2011-11-20


koner1 (author)2011-11-20


jbatchelor1 (author)2011-10-02

the tennisball trick dont work

illmakeulolz (author)2007-06-26

the tennisballl trick is easier

georion (author)illmakeulolz2011-05-01

key word----Trick

adrewmc (author)illmakeulolz2007-06-26

we didnt have any tennis balls, i know it is easier but this was the best at the time

BorisTheSpider (author)adrewmc2007-11-19

Yeah, that and it doesn't work.

adrewmc (author)2007-06-30

ya, its when you make a small hole in a tennis ball and squeeze and use the suction to unlock a car.

georion (author)adrewmc2010-06-20

thats a phoney u tube video--try it---it WONT work--and if anyone stops to think (Think) youll figure out why it CANT work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers

butthead95 (author)2008-06-14

Cut the negative wire on the battery and reconnect it. It will disconnect all grounds and the alarm SHOULD be reset.

Esmagamus (author)butthead952009-08-22

The first and only time I disassembled a car alarm, it had these huge backup batteries. Even with no power, it kept working.

dontno (author)2009-01-30

Use a wedge made out of soft wood. It won't leave any scratches. I've used them for years to help people get into their cars.

Cuthrout (author)2008-11-09

Hey Thank You for that guide, my mum got stuck out of of her car last bonfire night, so yeah that is a helpful guide. Also to stop scratches you will want to use a scarf that goes between the wedge. thanks again (author)2008-06-25

theres a 101 ways to break into a car

geekdude (author)2008-05-19

that explains why my car alarm goes off even when i unlock the door with the key if i haven't disarmed it that is so frustrating. my neighbors have one that is tripped off by thunder, me slamming my car door, or say a cat walking by. it goes off like twice a week and nobody even notices.

JoeAAbernathy (author)2008-05-06 time....just bust the window... Car alarms just annoy the hell out of people and I've never heard of one actually stopping a theft. j.

Gamernotnerd (author)2008-04-02

Right, "Legal" purposes <_< >_>

MrBrownstoo (author)2008-01-06

"without the alarm going off"? is that a funny joke or something? any half decent alarm WILL go off if you do that, some extreme alarms go off when theres a really strong wind, and your not gonna be able to do that without moving the car a lot more than a wind.<br/>Also as said below metal wedge = chipped and scratched paint, more denting of the roof and probably ripping up the rubber seal on the door....<br/>Any wedge/tool that isn't a designed for "breaking in", and then used by a locksmith or someone trained to use it will do damage to the car. <br/>Forcing open the door bends it, and ends up rattling and leaking when it rains and letting air in and stuff. <br/>If you really want to break into a car on your own then you will damage it. and if it has an alarm you will probably set it off. and also you should never need to break into a car, because if its your own car you should have a spare key. its really stupid not to.<br/>

willyddog (author)2007-12-07

I once (only once) locked my brother in my car and had to get him out with a coat hanger. He wasn't the same afterward.

frollard (author)2007-06-13

There's a reason locksmiths use specialty tools to first try to bypass the lock. *First, the right tool gets the job done safely, with no damage to the car. *Second, PRYING OPEN THE DOOR BENDS IT. Using a wedge, is a last resort because although it doesn't look like it, if you are holding a door by the hinge and the latch, it technically shouldn't open enough to get a tool in. Bending it further often damages the door, causing loose fitting, noisy-on-the-highway doors, and puts considerable strain on the lock mechanism. *Last, NEVER, EVER, EVER use a metal wedge to pry the door. At the very very last resort use a plastic wedge. Best would be a proper lockout wedge, next best would be a nylon wedge (forget the name) - used by lumberjacks to control the direction of fall of a tree - nylon because if it gets stuck you can cut it with a chainsaw. Don't break into your own car. Break is the key word.

BorisTheSpider (author)frollard2007-11-19

Good call. This is just all colors of bad. I guarantee that a trained professional can look at that door after this was done and find all the damage caused in a matter of seconds, even if the owner can't. Mostly, that's because a pro has to know what to look for when he's done, if has to resort to anything like this, to...well, you know...cyoa. Beyond that, a pro's gonna look for this damage before he starts so he knows you know he didn't cause it. Ah well, do what you want to your car. I'm sure it'll cost less to get the door re-set on the hinges, and get the dents pulled out, and the paint touched-up, than it would to call a pro in the first place.

frollard (author)frollard2007-06-13

Oh yeah...I almost forgot - Don't put 'without the alarm going off' in the title when you explicitly state in the article "Most likely the alarm will not go off but I promise nothing." - Fact of the matter is, on a good alarm, if it is set, it should be monitoring the locks. If the INTERIOR unlock button is pressed, it should activate. If it does not - the alarm is of such poor quality that your car is not worth stealing, and you shouldn't have an alarm.

adrewmc (author)frollard2007-06-13

Well, so your saying if someone was on the inside of the car they should have to put in keys to hit the unlock button, its not like that on my BMW or on my uncle's Audi TT supercharged and i'm pretty sure its a good car alarm.

garrettmikesmith (author)adrewmc2007-06-13

If you were inside my Acura MDX, and if you had the alarm on, and you were inside, and pushed the auto-unluck-all-the-doors button on the armrest, the alarm would go off. I did it once waiting for Chinese food.

adrewmc (author)garrettmikesmith2007-06-14

This is the unlock just the door where you are sitting (I would stick to the drivers door.)

garrettmikesmith (author)adrewmc2007-06-14

wont you have to pull it up then?

adrewmc (author)garrettmikesmith2007-06-14

Not on the car i that was used in this instructable. I am going to update it with more specific car details.

frollard (author)adrewmc2007-06-14

If you're sat on the inside of the car, and hit lock, the alarm doesn't turn on. If you're on the inside of the car and use the keyfob to double lock your bmw (same as mine, try it) and open the door you're in for some trouble. Some alarms even lock down the doors until the real key is put in the ignition or in the outside lock. Wouldn't that suck, waiting in an alarming car, broke, locked down?

adrewmc (author)frollard2007-06-13

It dosen't bend the door or leave scratches when used in the hands of the two trained chefs in this article (Dayln, the car owner, and myself) Also we are broke until friday payday and the only copy of the key is in the car so it was really our only options.

Divine (author)2007-11-04

this wont work really ive locked my keys out of my 99 blazier and used my antenna to push the unlock button but when you open the door my alarm goes off just say wont work on all cars

BorisTheSpider (author)2007-10-22

Ouch. That is a spectacular way to wreck a car. Here's a better idea: If you lock your keys in the car, call a locksmith. There should be plenty in your phone book. Chances are, they'll cost less than the repairs to your car will.

Kai365 (author)2007-08-20

I'm a tad confused, so can you show me where you've put the wedge in? I want to try this on an old car my parents don't use anymore (the engine's died now) :P

JakeTobak (author)2007-06-13

Does saying that you're not liable really absolve you of liability just like that? I'm not a lawyer or anything fancy like that, but it just seems too easy.

adrewmc (author)JakeTobak2007-06-13

I'm saying that this information is just for the use of the owner of the car. No laws were broken in the making of this instructable, There is no legal pretense to file any form of charges agaist me in anyway because I am exerciseing my freedom of speech.

JakeTobak (author)adrewmc2007-06-14

I'm not saying that you're doing anything illegal, but if you were to make an instructable on "How to kill the president" could you just start it with "This is for educational purposes only, I'm not liable if you decide to go kill the president."

factor grimm (author)JakeTobak2007-08-11

The difference is that there is a law against killing the president or even plotting to do so, or encouraging anyone to do so. There is NO law preventing you from doing whatever you want to your car. You might have to prove that it's your car if a police officer intervenes, which seems reasonable to me, but it's only illegal if it's not your car and/or you don't have permission. Similarly, there is no law against breaking into your own house if you are locked out, but you might have to explain it to the law if someone sees you.

adrewmc (author)JakeTobak2007-06-14

Thats true. Its just the law.

dchall8 (author)2007-07-06

I left my Honda at a good body shop in a less good part of town and someone tried this technique to break in. Fortunately THE ALARM went off and scared them away, but not before THEY SCRATCHED THE PAINT. The alarms on my cars go off when I put my coffee on top of the car to find my keys. I can't imagine getting as far as the first picture without lots of noise.

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