That's it. You're tired of sneaking around the house to hide the presents, telling your child that No, those aren't squirrels in the attic, it's Santa on the roof!, eating the carrots left out for Rudolph (okay, so maybe you still enjoy those cookies for Santa..) and holding your breath every time your kid uses the internet. It's time to let them know the truth. That Santa is fake. A myth. A story. A fraud. Nothing special. Here's how.

Step 1: Method 1: Straight out

"Listen, Bobby...there's no such thing as Santa Claus. He's not real."
Okay, maybe not the best solution, as it will inevitably end up with crying, shouting, tantrums, a sudden urge for chocolate--er..maybe that's just me. But if it's been long enough, maybe little Bobby will just take it with stride. Reassure Bobby that he is still, in fact, going to receive presents. Once his short attention span takes him back to the television, you are free to sigh with relief.

Santa is real. don't let the haters hate. Got it? Because santa is real. I remember vividly when I was 10 sleeping in my mom and dads bedroom and they didn't get up at all. I sat there so exited for the morning, I sat there for hours. Somtimes pretending that I was asleep. They are saying that he isn't real because there mom and dad don't truly believe in Christmas and Santa. These are my final words, SANTA IS REAL! Don't let people get you down. Believe what you think is true! <br>Thanks.<br>
<p>chattabox. SANTA IS NOT REAL!!!</p><p>Get the picture.</p>
U are right santa is real only scrooges say he isn't u won't have to break nothing to your kids bc he's real
<p>I've said this in a previous comment and I'm going to say it again. People need to stop being so ludicrous and grow up. Santa isn't real, I know it hurts to know the truth, but who are you going to trust: people that are most likely over 16, or little kids that don't want their child hood hero to be a made up person? Exactly, ask your parents if they say yes, ask in about seven years coz you're too young.</p>
And I'm 15 years old. And haven't caught my parents doing a thing. EVER!
<p>oh man that's just pathetic. I mean I learnt at 9. Have you not seen this entire website!</p><p>Stay up all night.</p>
You know why you don't believe?<br>Because your mom and dad (who are probs brother &amp; sister lol) told you from the beginning and they didn't have and belief in him. If you don't believe he won't come. Sorry to break it to you! Haha. <br>
Well said.???
LOOK, your parents arent liers, everbodies parents for generations have told tge story of Santa Claus... If you believe he is real enjoy your child hood, but you shouod probably start to grow up
<p>soz wait 4 that moment Santa comes, if you see a guy in dress ups, it's not Santa and parents do lie, but it's for your wellbeing</p>
<p>tru dat </p>
<p>read my other comment dude</p>
<p>Santa=Not Real I'm 21 I Know</p>
<p>I am 11 and i agree with u.</p>
<p>if ur really 21 I would agree with u</p>
I am 11 he is not real that is true . Next Christmas stay up all night you will find out
<p>I'm 11 and stayed up all night..... I saw him. How do you explain that? He is real!!!</p>
<p>actually he is fake I am 11 to so nice try.</p>
<p>you must be seeing things bro</p>
One of your parents dressed up
<p>if ur up he does not come</p>
<p>try reading a book on pysics. HES FAKE</p><p>PROVE THAT HES REAL WITH A VIDEO</p>
<p>Isn't &quot;Santa&quot; not supposed to come if you stay up all night?</p>
<p>probably a white guy in a red suit. Either that or your lying for attention</p>
<p>Of course he will not come while ur awake bc if u havent herd the song he knows when ur awake and sleeping and he doesnt come when ur awake!</p>
<p>U poor thing I believe in I believe in God too. See the truth! I know it will be hard But ask and you will soon find out it doesn't spoil Christmas to know</p>
Hate to brake it to you but Santa is fake Saint Nicholas was &quot;Santa&quot; but he does years ago like thousands of years ago but your parents did lie to you they just wanted you to be happy and believe in things so you believe in other things easier and that soul has been lied to multiple times with the tooth fairy and other things so I'm sorry for tell u thins but yea and tbh I used to believe too but that was 6 years ago and I'm 14 rn and I stopped believing because I can't my parents wrapping the presents and writing Santa on it so yea Santa is a fake but read about Saint Nicholas and you'll see what I'm talking about?
<p>mmm huh.. Santa is not REAL</p>
Santa is not real get it straighten up kids
<p>Santa isn't real sorry.....Anyway, if you believe in santa, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS ARTICLE ABOVE????? WHY??????</p>
<p>sorry little girl but santa ISNT real seriously how can he get to billions of houses in 12 hrs (1 night) also flying raindeer FLYING RAINDEER! That must be a joke. And elves humans never saw one they are fiction.</p>
<p>hey look santa is not real you and your white family may still belive in santa but he is not real</p>
<p>Santa was real along time ago how else would the whole world share a date of giving . each and every person who gives to another is santa &quot;the spirit of santa is giving to others&quot;</p>
<p>dont be mad. remember back all the proir years and be grateful for the fun you were given</p>
He's not real I'm ten too but God didn't create him because he's not real and your parents are white lying to you sorry to break it too you
<p>I know that with magic santa claus is real but Coach Hedge is right you can't just think anything can happen with magic. Its just like god. He can do anything but he chooses not to and he doesn't take prayers as a wish. Things don't just happen. its logic. How can a man eat millions of cookies in one night? Think hard I'm just saying</p>
<p>Thank you! Thank you!</p>
Sorry, but Santa isn't real. I really wish he was though- that would be really awesome
Sorry to tell you, kid, but he's not... Your parents will tell you soon. They told me when I was around 10. I'm surprised that they didn't tell you yet! It may be hard to process, but in a few years you will look back at this and realize, &quot;wow, I was stupid to believe that!&quot; <br><br> Sorry, Alexis
<p>Guys Santa isn't real. It's just your parents. I found out the hard way, I was in my dads office and I found the same wrapping paper the gifts were in and also I went to trunk of one of my parents cars and saw what I asked for. But just a hint don't tell your parents or else you won't get that good presents so keep it a secret</p>
<p>how dare you question Santa Claus!!!!! ?</p>
<p>santa isn't real I saw my dad put my presents under my tree how ever believes you are stupit</p>
<p>i am 11 years old I know what I am saying</p>
This should not be put on the internet.Alittle child could stumble upon this and will throw a fit.I am just being honest here and am not trying to go against you but I would like to make a point.a prent could find out the web siteand it may include yours(obviously).just saying but the parents could also sew you
<p>everyone please stop fighting. Please stop yelling saying Santa isn't real. It's not that he's not real you just don't believe in it. That's fine if you don't believe in Santa but don't tell others he is not real. That's just breaking there spirit. So if you want to continue to do it just imagine how you are making others real. I am ten and I am kind of ashamed on what some people are doing online. Just a question in real life would you go up to a child and say Santa is not real. If you say no well that's exactly what you're doing online just without seeing them. So please everyone stop telling people what to believe in.</p>

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