That's it. You're tired of sneaking around the house to hide the presents, telling your child that No, those aren't squirrels in the attic, it's Santa on the roof!, eating the carrots left out for Rudolph (okay, so maybe you still enjoy those cookies for Santa..) and holding your breath every time your kid uses the internet. It's time to let them know the truth. That Santa is fake. A myth. A story. A fraud. Nothing special. Here's how.

Step 1: Method 1: Straight out

"Listen, Bobby...there's no such thing as Santa Claus. He's not real."
Okay, maybe not the best solution, as it will inevitably end up with crying, shouting, tantrums, a sudden urge for chocolate--er..maybe that's just me. But if it's been long enough, maybe little Bobby will just take it with stride. Reassure Bobby that he is still, in fact, going to receive presents. Once his short attention span takes him back to the television, you are free to sigh with relief.


<p>stupid people who are saying that Santa isn't real he was a shepherd that met baby Jesus so saying that Santa isn't real is saying that the Bible is wrong p.s. People that read this do not trust the Internet because humans that are just saying what pops in to their heads are making it plus a computer is only as smart as the person behind it and the internet is only as smart as a human being and humans suck to be completely honest we are just terrible at times but anyway SANTA CLAUS IS REAL</p>
<p>Then tell me why do homless people not get gifts from santa. Huh? Exactly the only way they get gifts is from people who are kind hearted to buy gifts for them.</p>
Little kids please get off this website, honestly I don't know why you're on here...
<p>I love u</p>
<p>all of you who say Santa is not real I just have a few words for you</p><p>HATERS</p><p>JERKS</p><p>STUPID PEOPLE </p><p>PEOPLE WHO SAY THE BIBLE IS INCORRECT??????????</p><p>I HATE YOU IF YOU SAY/SAID SANTA </p>
Santa isn't real. I've known since I was 8 years-old and 'til this day (As I am 23) am only buying myself and girlfriend/family members' gifts as no mythological man comes to my home every year to deliver me gifts. Sorry to break it to you, but it's a HOAX.
<p>JERKS</p><p>STUPID </p><p>HATERS </p><p>THAT IS ALL I HAVE TO SAY</p>
<p>no joke</p>
<p>Iv seen him</p>
<p> if Santa is int real Thar still is a Santa but in a different form</p>
<p>Santa is real I sent him my Christmas list and he sent me a letter back cause a kid was bothering me at school my grandma dropt me off at home and I saw a stocking and it said سلطان كعوش that's my name and it said emergency delivery and it said that he bothers everybody and stuff and my parents didn't know about the kid. And on Christmas Eve I went to my grandmas to walk the dogs there was nothing outside I came back and there were presents I read the letter once I was done it dissapered. And it was exactly what I rote in my letter so everybody SANTA IS REAL</p>
Your parents most likely read the letter before sending it to the North Pole (they don't even send it they just use it to see what you want)
That's just your mum and dad looking at what you rote him and they're trying to make you feel better Santa is a myth and is people still believe it's fine but Santa is a myth
I'm 14 and I believe in Santa. So what if he's fake or not. We all have our opinions, and my opinion is that he is real &lt;3
You can't opinionate facts though.. He's not real.
Dudes how can santa sneak into ur house in the middle of the night and not be sick of cookies and milk and how can he fit in the chimney? And he says he knows what u do all day in december so he stalks u? I mean thats way too much, we all need privacy. People santa is NOT REAL, i one time ate to much candy and stayed up on christmas and heard no &quot;HO HO HO&quot; and jingles and saw no presents and if u see &quot; Santa&quot; on ur present like this &quot;To Tommy, from Santa&quot; thats what ur parents write its fake
@xXFLASHGODXx the moment you're born the government always tracks you so if Santa was real it's not like you'd be losing a whole lot of privacy anyhow.
All the words I have is Santa is not real?
<p>Santa can be real, or he can't be real. You have to want to believe. I'm thirteen, and I still want to be believe in Santa, and the thruth about aliens :) Just rember, believeing is seeing, and seeing is believeing.</p>
<p>if you go on youtube the first link say santa is not real watch he is</p>
Santa is not real because how do one guy go around the wourld in one night?
<p>Hi everyone I just wanted to say that this will be my last comment for a while so I will tell you how it went down when I found out that Santa isn't real. We were eating dinner on the night after Easter. Talking about something (I can't remember what) When I said. &quot;Did you know that they are to old to have Easter hunts any more?&quot; Mum suddenly lifted her hand telling me to stop. After dinner when my little brother was in the bath, mum walked over to me and said &quot;in your heart you guessed the truth, magic is not real. But please keep it a secret for your brother. And that is why I have to keep this a secret.</p>
<p>Santa is always real. Everyone lives in the way of Santa claus at christmas with the giving of gifts. When I was a child the thing with santa claus was always a huge part of the excitement and made christmas that extra bit more magical (writing letters, days out visiting santa with family, making stuff for him, being excited and going to bed early on xmas eve). If santa didn't &quot;exist&quot;, christmas wouldn't have been as magical for me or my mum. As people grow older though, the spirit of santa lives on, only it's not &quot;santa&quot; who delivers gifts, it's us who do (to friends, family, even neighbours). So yes, Santa is actually real and always will be (even just in spirit).</p>
Santa is fake just deal with it <br>When I was 11 I remember walking in my parent room the day before Christmas and I saw some wrapped presents saying they were from Santa and I saw a box in a back room which was a ps2 and on Christmas it said it was from Santa he's fake deal with it
We'll he was s real person but he only delivered cousins to poor people are
<p>Hi everyone I'm gonna look for a video to proove he's not real. Bye!</p><p>P.S please don't be mad</p>
<p>to all these people that believe. why do you look up if he's real or not if you won't except he's not real</p>
<p>Guys Santa isn't real. It's just your parents. I found out the hard way, I was in my dads office and I found the same wrapping paper the gifts were in and also I went to trunk of one of my parents cars and saw what I asked for. But just a hint don't tell your parents or else you won't get that good presents so keep it a secret</p>

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