How to Break Windows Password ?





Introduction: How to Break Windows Password ?

I'll tell you how to break windows password without any software!

Step 1: Safe Mode

Boot windows in "safe mode with command prompt".
Select the Administrative account.

Step 2: Change Password

Open Command Prompt and type the following command

net user

: Here type the user-name of which, the password you want to hack

: Here type new password

Don't type "<" & ">"

For example : net user Tim x
I typed user-name & a new password as x


Done reboot the computer and when it prompt for password, type x and hit the enter



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    Um that's the point I cant do it because my dad computer don't show promt or anything like that can you'll at lease give me a hint please

    Just press "F8" when its still loading, it will let you choose how you like to start windows

    Actually, I was able to run my computer in safe mode with command prompt, and instead of using the command prompt window, I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete to open task manager, and chose to run a new task of explorer.exe, then went to Control panel, User accounts, and then removed the password of the locked account and restarted.

    It's fine for very short passwords, but if it's longer or contain symbols and a mix of upper and lowercase characters, the default free rainbow tables won't cover it all (especially that the brute forcing feature only covers up to 4 chars).

    to: D LAX...

    right click the command prompt and click "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
    and there you go....

    i tryed it but access is denied

    Easier: while its booting up, tap F8, and then select "boot in DOS" or something like that. From there, delete all the *.pwl files(just Google how to do it in DOS). Next time you reboot it, type in whatever password you want. Then it will ask if you want to keep that password. Your welcome.

    PWL files don't exist anymore :(

    Oh ya. Sorry, I did it on a Windows 98 PC :/