Introduction: How to Breed Eggs

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Everybody's always wondered what came first... The chicken, or the egg? Well I can't answer that but, I can tell you how to breed eggs!

Step 1: Find Some Adult Eggs.

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Adult eggs are hard to find, but if you head to your local super market I'm sure they'll have adult eggs. If you can't find adult eggs; buy some baby eggs, wait ten years, and then you'd have adult eggs!

Step 2: Get a Privacy Box!

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Eggs need privacy to breed silly! So, go find a card board box and leave two eggs (or three if your freaky naughty) alone all night, and maybe, just maybe you'll get baby eggs!

Step 3: Now You Have Baby Eggs!!!!!!

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If your eggs bred correctly, you should have baby eggs within the next few days! If not, try again. After five trys, diagnose your male egg with e.d. or infertility, or diagnose your female egg with infertility.


nancyjohns (author)2015-04-21


knexbug (author)2014-02-18


Marik I. (author)2014-02-02

Wtf…anyway FYI the egg came first

Abigail1323 (author)2013-07-10

If egg breeding is what makes you happy...

BMWalsh (author)2009-05-06

I CAN answer the question "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" The question does not specify that the eggs were chicken eggs. Reptiles lay eggs too. Reptiles were around laying eggs long before chickens ever set foot on this planet. So you can conclude that the egg came first. :-D

spock155 (author)BMWalsh2009-05-07

OH, ok...

sojakai (author)spock1552011-06-13

Personally, I always liked the response that I got from a Pasteur. "Its obvious that the Chicken came first! I just cant picture God sitting on a pair of eggs waiting for them to hatch."

halmars (author)BMWalsh2011-04-09

What came first; the reptile or the egg? :)

Ikkalebob (author)BMWalsh2011-03-11

Theres actually a better way to solve it. Chickens are constantly evolving like every other creature, and the latest chicken must have started out as an egg.

marxdarx (author)BMWalsh2010-02-26

Nice bit of logic there.

Good workaround on the classic riddle.

It would only be un-sovleable if it were too specific. Also it would become irrelevant lol

burdockwing (author)2011-04-07

this doesn't work i will answer all you're questions eggs are chicks but not yet hatched while the ones in the store haven't even been fertilized.

wheelinthesky (author)2010-10-18

Can you show us how to breed Cadbury Creme Eggs?

ahmad2117 (author)2010-02-05

did this really work

JohnJY (author)ahmad21172010-03-09

Of course it worked! Who doesn't breed eggs?!? (Listen, you can hear sarcasm in the air.)

beehard44 (author)JohnJY2010-08-29


rabbitkillrun (author)ahmad21172010-02-28


seabananers (author)2010-06-15

am i the only one who has noticed this is under freaking technology and then apple

Dukeeey (author)seabananers2010-08-20

Yeah! It should be under egg.

beehard44 (author)Dukeeey2010-08-29


fearme36 (author)2009-02-16

wow "(or three if your freaky naughty)" nice. i tried to breed an egg and something is wrong. the baby just sits there and says the letter "g" repetitively. i think it's missing a few chromosomes...

seabananers (author)fearme362010-06-15


fransch3 (author)2010-01-05

 XD HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you are so funny i cracked up. thank you

 =O    You should NEVER say "cracked" around an egg. It gives them the heebiejeebies.

Daddio_UK (author)2009-08-09

The egg came first, a slight 'mutation' of its parents, several generations later, a final 'mutation' produced the chicken. .. I guess it all stops at the point in evolution (!) that you want to call the bird you have, a chicken, with that in mind, evolution is still producing a slightly different bird each time, so really, none came first, they are not, by the smallest of evolutionary terms, the same thing... that's how I see it anyway. lol.

Mr. Smart Kid (author)Daddio_UK2009-12-13

not the chicken or the egg came first, the Wild Red Jungle Fowl came first :-)

by egg i mean "chicken egg"

pichu1994 (author)2009-05-07

what? your not serious, are you?

SirSteampoet (author)pichu19942009-09-07

nope, totaly serious, I tried it and it worked

hintss (author)pichu19942009-07-26

humor instructable?

and7barton (author)2009-07-30

Did you know eggs can climb pretty well ? - At least MINE scrambled quite nicely.

and7barton (author)2009-05-11

For your information - The EGG came before the chicken. Remember DINOSAUR eggs ?

lucius108 (author)and7barton2009-07-19

hahhahaha nice

wizerd 745 (author)2009-06-07

God created the chiken, the chiken layed an egg. Mystery solved! :-)

Vendigroth (author)2009-03-01

It works for rocks as well =D

bigwhitebear18 (author)2009-02-15

Unfortunately, Adult eggs are notorious for eating their young so you only have a short time span before they're gone. That is why you probably will never see baby eggs along side the adult eggs.

spock155 (author)bigwhitebear182009-02-16

Eek! I'll spread the word!

johnjoejohn1 (author)spock1552009-02-20

oh, and keep all eggs away from ostrich eggs. They are rhapist!!!! they are notorious for frieing their victims!!!!

mrbenwaller (author)2009-02-18

I combined the two and my eggs rock!

Shadowmang (author)2009-02-15

total rip off of how to breed rocks...

gmjhowe (author)Shadowmang2009-02-18

Agreed, except the rocks one was done better.

spock155 (author)Shadowmang2009-02-16

Ja ja, but did I tell you how to breed rocks? No, I didn't. I didn't use relatively anything alike to how to breed rocks... Or did I.......?

Lftndbt (author)Shadowmang2009-02-16

LoL, so true.

budsiskos (author)2009-02-15


Building Books (author)budsiskos2009-02-15


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