How to Brew Coffee With a K-Cup Without the Keurig Coffee Maker





Introduction: How to Brew Coffee With a K-Cup Without the Keurig Coffee Maker

When we had this coffee maker at my office, it would make really weak coffee, so I came up with this modification so I could make a stronger/free cup of coffee.
(depending on your time, space, and skills).

- K-Cup flavor of choice (You can modify this with most single-serving coffee makers with built-in filters)
- 2 cups (alternate method available if you only want to use one cup)
- Scissors
- Hot water tap

Step 1:

Remove the foil from the top of the k-cup and dump the coffee into one of the coffee cups. You can also substitute or add any coffee grounds at this point.

Step 2:

Using scissors, cut the bottom 1/4 of the cup off.

Step 3:

Fill the cup that contains the grounds with hot water. Some automatic coffee makers have a hot water spigot on the side, others might have a hot water option. Needs to be hot enough to brew the coffee. Leave this to steep about 2-4min.

Step 4:

Holding the top of the k-cup over the second coffee cup, slowly pour the cup with the brewed coffee through the filter. This will remove the grounds.

(Alternate method is to leave the grounds in the k-cup and slowly pour the hot water from the spigot through the k-cup. This takes longer and it is easier to spill over this way.)

Step 5:

Add desired creme/milk/soy/etc and enjoy.

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30 Discussions

You are a lifesaver... To everyone who would've been around me without coffee in my blood! 2 weeks on the road with my husband and the Keurig quit as soon as we hit the road, thank you for making me human again.

Our machine broke! We spent all of money on different varieties of coffee and cappuccino. Smh
Why waste it.

Well, of course. But when all you have is a KCup and want coffee...

It's a way to make do with whats on hand, its not for everyone in any situation.

I saw someone's comment that says well why won't you just use instant. Well when you spend $9 a box and the machine is broken. Why waste it!


Totally worked with green tea too!

My Keurig broke, and my son was sleeping so I couldn't head out to the coffee shop this morning. I desperately wanted to enjoy my early morning quiet time with a book and a cup of coffee, thanks to you I did! It was easy and it kinda made me feel like MacGyver ?

this works so well, my coffee machine stopped working and I don't have enough money to get another one so this really helps

How much water do you add?

Saved my butt this morning. No power = no keurig! Thank goodness for cellular data plans & life hacks

I did it woth chai tea, but didnt add coffee thanks you helped so much!!!

Fantastic. I was out of instant coffee at work so I found this and gosh my coffee feels great this morning! Thank you

I just use a regular coffee filter , pour the ground in the middle of it , then take a twisty tie make a like tea bag , boil the water and then steep like a tea bag

Try the presto myjo

Thank you! Our teacher's room has a Keurig machine that our principal got us as a surprise :-) With so much constant use and not enough maintenance, it is now lending a funky flavor to the coffee You have now helped us to bypass the machine and still stay happily caffeinated. Appreciative.

Worked very well! Thanks for the tip. I may just have to bring k cups camping! Peets major dickasons ftw!

I just found out by trying to use this instructable that the k-cup knockoffs that have been sitting on my company kitchen counter for months are nothing more than just packets of instant coffee masquerading as high-end product, lol.

I won a mocha latte kit and had nothing to do with it thanks so much!