Step 2:

Using scissors, cut the bottom 1/4 of the cup off.
<p>I just use a regular coffee filter , pour the ground in the middle of it , then take a twisty tie make a like tea bag , boil the water and then steep like a tea bag </p>
Try the presto myjo
I used a viva paper towel cut in half for the filter. It worked perfect !!!
<p>Thank you! Our teacher's room has a Keurig machine that our principal got us as a surprise :-) With so much constant use and not enough maintenance, it is now lending a funky flavor to the coffee You have now helped us to bypass the machine and still stay happily caffeinated. Appreciative.</p>
Thanks, worked great, especially considering I have a Cameron's coffee &quot;cup&quot; that is essentially just the foil, ring, and filter, without the added plastic bottom. <br><br>I've otherwise had the same problem with weaker coffee brewed through the machine. But this simple solution does the trick!
<p>Worked very well! Thanks for the tip. I may just have to bring k cups camping! Peets major dickasons ftw!</p>
<p>I just found out by trying to use this instructable that the k-cup knockoffs that have been sitting on my company kitchen counter for months are nothing more than just packets of instant coffee masquerading as high-end product, lol.</p>
<p>It is a work of Transmutation...</p>
<p>I won a mocha latte kit and had nothing to do with it thanks so much!</p>
Thanks...I just got a 24 pack of k-cups that I won in a contest...without the machine they were pretty useless...now I can use them...drinking a cup now using your 2 cup method....strong...lol I am used to instant....this should wake me up
Thanks! I have a bunch of random K-cups sitting around (gifts...) that I had no idea what to do with! I was just about to throw them out, but this looks quite easy :-D
Thank you for this instructable. My mom wants to use K-cups but cant afford a Keurig at the moment
I like your idea. I needed a way to brew K-Cups without the brewer as well, but for different reasons. I like the Apple Cider K-Cups, and we have a Keurig brewer at work, but I don't have one at home. I tried this out and had a hard time pouring everything back through the filter without it overflowing. I'm not sure, but I suspect the Apple Cider variety have more mix in there. So anyway, I thought, what if I just cut the bottom off as you describe but leave the lid on, and just drop it in a cup of hot water and let it act like a tea ball? I tried it and it seems to work well. Nice 'ible though, I wouldn't have thought of that without it.
Some people just have way to much time on there hands...
And some people don't know how to spell.
thank you for this! Kerig is the only coffeemaker we have at work and the boss only buys french vanilla [gag]. I like strong coffee. this is perfect!
Kind of defeats the purpose, Why not just use instant?
It's a way to make do with whats on hand, its not for everyone in any situation.
THANK YOU!!!!!!! iv always wondered what to do with the K-cups (i got some and now i can use em)<br />
Sorry but I'll keep my percolator
Yeah, that would be a lot easier. This is more if you only have these things on hand and no other choices.

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