or, the coolest instructable ever, gone wrong. More a cautionary tale than an instructable.

Step 1: Come up with a brilliant instructable

The instructable I came up with was a novel (in that I found nothing quite like it) implementation of a sound activated flash. I was inspired be phinch's http://www.instructables.com/id/EE37CNT2V3EP286A6C/.
I'm actually guessing that the spark that usually makes the flash jumped into the camera and fried a circuit. Any EMP from the device would have been too small to do that kind of damage.
ceridan8 years ago
Hey can one of the electronic guru's that frequent this site do an instructable on how to construct and EMP generator and mayby a way to focus it (if possible?) :)
I had one that was used to flash-wipe hard disks for critical data safety.
The idea was that any data you couldn't afford to lose would always be backed up elsewhere - but if anyone lifted the computer without disabling the security feature, as soon as the computer was more than an inch off of whatever surface it was on, an EMP concentrated on the hard disk would go off, rendering the hard disk useless and unrecoverable. This is not a toy though, and the military grade parts made it fairly expensive to build. The cool factor was it was inside the computer, and undetectable by a thief other than having them wonder why the PC was so heavy.
just wondering really but why would you NEED a emp .and how big of a dead zone radius ?
You would need a nuclear explosion about 200 meters above ground. Or more parts and expensive equipment then the actual bomb itself
Um... Not to attack Tokyo?
robo989 ceridan8 years ago
Guessing from your spelling and grammar ablilities, I'd say you don't know a thing you're doing. EMP is very dangerous to play with, especially people who have any electronic life support (pace makers, etc). Go to Wikipedia (www.en.wikipedia.org), young grasshoppah, and educate yourself.
Mz3FRS ceridan8 years ago
jws79628 years ago
"spelling and grammar ablilities,"... This is funny. Look at the way ABILITIES is misspelled.
georion jws79623 years ago
Wow ,,,,,,,, are you a comedian/comedy critic ?????
Major bummer dude! good idea tho! you have inspired me! :)
Grimling8 years ago
xD xD xD
So, what's "xD xD xD" got to do with anything?
akimbo m8 years ago
I guess thats true... Tool Using Animal So, can anyone experiment on bricking things, much more quicker and better? It was done for the rfid chips (Coil in place of flash in a disposable camera), but i want bigger things then that to die! :)
Tool Using Animal (author) 8 years ago
But I did instruct you on how to kill a camera Q.E.D The camera was a fuji s5600.
cheesy8 years ago
instructables isn't the place for this kind of crap.
trebuchet038 years ago
shielding > your camera ouch