If your app uses Open Sound Control (OSC), it’s easy to get it to work with hand gestures. And free too.

Antoine Rennuit, Technical Product Owner at SoftKinetic, made this bridge in his spare time to make it easy for people who create, make or adapt things to play around with 3D cameras. This neat piece of software is free to download, easy to set up and enables you to create meaningful user experiences using natural hand gestures.

Here’s what you’ll need:
1. Hardware
   - A Windows PC
   - A short range, 3D gesture recognition camera (SoftKinetic’s DepthSense 325 (DS325) or the Creative Senz3D), plugged and installed onto your PC.  You could also use the software with a long range camera such as the SoftKinetic DepthSense 311 (DS311).

2. Software
   - SoftKinetic’s iisu middleware: to analyze the 3D images given by the camera and provide hand gesture information
   - Antoine’s ‘iisuOSCbridge’ to link data sent from SoftKinetic’s DS325 or the Creative Senz3D camera to OSC messages.
   - An OSC-compatible application such as ‘Processing’: to receive the OSC stream.

Follow the instructions below to download, install and set up these applications.

Step 1: Download, Install and Setup “iisu”

Go to www.softkinetic.com, click on the ‘Download iisu’ button on the homepage, download iisu Free (you will need to register first) and install it.
Once downloaded, set it up as follows:
- Start iisu Launchpad
- Go to Select Camera and select one
- Close the Select Camera window
- Go to Advanced Configuration and make sure that the Layers starting with ‘CI_’ are checked (CI stands for Close Interaction)
- Now start iisu Toolbox to check that everything is working and have a look at what the camera sees.

iisu is now setup (and your computer can see in 3D! ).
You can now close it and take the next step…

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