I've always loved knex ball machines and this is my second ball machine on the site. Project Blaster uses quite a few pieces. I estimate that it will take you about 3 hours to complete. It has three of my own elements and two of them are new. The See-saw and the slithering path (which is a type of path).

Here is a picture:


Step 1: Main Tower Base

This is where everything starts. Two gears are placed in this step. Just follow the pictures and read the notes. Check that the 3-D connectors are placed in the correct direction.

Step 2: The Base

This is the section where the rest of the path goes and where the second tower connects. After connecting this to the tower base it will be 12 blue rods long.

Step 3: Main Tower

 The main tower is where you attach the chain lift. The gears at the end of the step are used so that the chain doesn't move all the time. It is not the top of the model.

Step 4: Secondary Tower

The secondary tower has two main functions:
1. To hold the path alternators
2. Support
After you finish this section it should look like a fat U.

Step 5: The See-Saw

This is a new element I designed. The ball falls on one of the sides and the see-saw makes it land in a drop.Then the see-saw teeters back and forth for about 13 seconds.

Step 6: Main Tower Top

This is the section that contains the motor and the path separators. I'm sure you could substitute the motor for any other type of motor.

Step 7: Pendulum Slide

This is my own element. It is not a new one because I used it in temple of demise. The ball rolls down the track hitting each pendulum making them move back and forth.

Step 8: Connecting the Towers

This part is needed not just to hold the towers together but also to hold the slither path. It is a pretty small step.

Step 9: Slither Path and Criss-Cross

The slither path is another new element that I made up. Personally, I think it looks really cool. I also included the Criss-Cross. An element that I have seen on many ball machines. 

Step 10: Ferris Wheel and Spiral Staircase

The ferris wheel is the only element on path 1 apart from the path. After adding the spiral staircase path 4 will be complete. Now its starting to look like a ball machine.  

Step 11: Orange Path

You are very close to finishing. After this the only thing you will need are some paths to connect everything.

Step 12: Element Connectors

These are a set of paths that connect the elements to the bottom and other elements. There are 4 of them. So if you have less you followed the instructions wrong.

Step 13: Chain Lift Attachment

After attaching the chain lift project blaster will be complete.

Step 14: Your Done

Congratulations! You have just completed project blaster. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask.
i made it!!!! it's awesome!!!!
how many orange track pieces?
count them...<br><br>Because I'm nice...<br><br>26... I think.
it uses 42!
NO 26
i count them there are 42
NOOOOO 26!!!!!!!
seriously there are 42.
NO I double checked there are 26. besides. Back then I only had 26...
i triple checked there are 42 and temple of demise uses over 55 so are these ball machines really yours??
BACK THEN I had 26. I have more now. Maybe I was wrong. Well now you know that you don't have enough.
lol both worng i counted 50 :D
i have exact 26
lucky you. :-)
3 of them has broken
piece count?
This was a year ago. I don't have a piece count. :-P
i only need a piece count of the blue rods
I think it had between 400 and 600. :-P
does it have more than temple of demise?
definitely considering the structure is all blue rods.
ok when i got more knex i'm gonna build this
I hope it works. BTW the blue rods holding up the turning track can be changed to white rods if the ball doesn't go all the way around.
does it has more blue rods than temple of demise???
how many more bleu rods more??
&gt;:-( Why was it so hard to understand?!
don't know
The end of a long conversation.
WHat did you get?
i get it another day
about 5 days.. i gues..
:-| I'm confused.
:-P So when do you get presents?
5 hours ago
:-P Merry Christmas! What did you get?
i don't know how to spell that in english but i did get no knex.<br>but i'm getting more presents so maybe i get some knex
Nice job!<br />
Thanks! Man this a year old reply. Talk about late comments. LOL
Yeah, talk about late comments.

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