Simple, Cheap, and Effective Hawaiian style spearfishing gun.

Step 1: Materials

2 ft Rubber Surgical grade Tubing or Exercise bands ($3-5)
Small Section of PVC 1/2in - 1in in Diameter ($2)
1 Youth Arrow with safety tip ($3)
4 - Zip ties (.50)

Total cost for these materials should be less than 10 bucks, if not free. All these things are pretty easy to find.
<p>this is not a speargun.<br>it is a hawaiin sling.<br>we don't call machetes pocket knives or scooters motorcycles or gliders airplanes.<br>this community has gotten pretty fast and loose with what words mean over the last couple of years.</p>
<p>This is a good basic concept for an antenna launcher--radio operators use it to put a line high on a tree branch, then pull up the antenna wire. The advantage to this small design is portability. Instead of arrows, one would use a weighted blunt dowel, or perhaps some sort of arrow. I also wonder why such a large diameter piece of PVC was used--but it would allow a better grip, I suppose. Anyway, a good start for something useful.</p>
Why the 1&quot; pipe? the hole through you handle should barely be bigger than the diameter of your spear shaft for accuracy reasons. <br> <br>Just curious. at least theres one Hawaiian sling on here.
these have been around for at least fifty years, probaly longer. they are called a Hawaiian swing and shoot spears that are about 8 feet long underwater for fish. i know i have an original one that was made back in the fiftys. so i would suggest that know one use these on land. very unacurate and you could hurt someone.<br>
sorry <strong>could</strong> get sued
what&nbsp;do you think this could take out<br /> &nbsp;<br /> you&nbsp;coul get sued if you don't add I AM NOT RESPONIPLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS SPEAR SHOOTER so some one dosn't shoot thier neibors cat&nbsp;

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