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Simple, Cheap, and Effective Hawaiian style spearfishing gun.

Step 1: Materials

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2 ft Rubber Surgical grade Tubing or Exercise bands ($3-5)
Small Section of PVC 1/2in - 1in in Diameter ($2)
1 Youth Arrow with safety tip ($3)
4 - Zip ties (.50)

Total cost for these materials should be less than 10 bucks, if not free. All these things are pretty easy to find.
JonathanH1429 days ago

This is a good basic concept for an antenna launcher--radio operators use it to put a line high on a tree branch, then pull up the antenna wire. The advantage to this small design is portability. Instead of arrows, one would use a weighted blunt dowel, or perhaps some sort of arrow. I also wonder why such a large diameter piece of PVC was used--but it would allow a better grip, I suppose. Anyway, a good start for something useful.

JonathanH1429 days ago
mwhit132 years ago
Why the 1" pipe? the hole through you handle should barely be bigger than the diameter of your spear shaft for accuracy reasons.

Just curious. at least theres one Hawaiian sling on here.
cybercoho723 years ago
these have been around for at least fifty years, probaly longer. they are called a Hawaiian swing and shoot spears that are about 8 feet long underwater for fish. i know i have an original one that was made back in the fiftys. so i would suggest that know one use these on land. very unacurate and you could hurt someone.
bubba j5 years ago
sorry could get sued
bubba j5 years ago
what do you think this could take out
you coul get sued if you don't add I AM NOT RESPONIPLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS SPEAR SHOOTER so some one dosn't shoot thier neibors cat