Hey, guys. This is my second Minecraft related build, but here is my Wheatley from Portal 2 in Minecraft. Yep, not that great. Post in the comments if you want more builds!

This is a slide show, so follow the images.

Step 1: The Body

Step 2: The Eyes

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Step 4: Done!

And the build's done!

What I used for this build was:

  • Lapis
  • Black Wool
  • Iron Blocks

Hope you enjoyed!

<p>i need help pleaseeeee</p><p>anyone?</p>
<p>i need help pleaseeeee</p><p>anyone?</p>
<p>i need help pleaseeeee</p><p>anyone?</p>
<p>can we do it on pe</p><p>plz reply</p>
<p>You can, with different materials. I don't believe Lapis is in PE. </p>
<p>Thanks for sharing your wheatley! Looks just right, albeit a little boxy! :)</p>
<p>Thanks. I first built this on XBOX, but rebuilt it with better eyes on PC. </p>

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