I have viewed a few Electric Vehicle (EV) builds for Motorcycles on Instructables and they all were very helpful. I hope to add to those who have gone ahead and built, shared and motivated me to build one. This is how I went about building this EV Motorcycle.

First view as many Instrcutables, EV forums and Google EV Motorcycle builds. This will give you a good idea of what people are doing. Each time you view one of these builds you may learn something. Here is a list of sites I liked or had some good insight to building an EV Motorcycle and I am sure I will miss some of these tasty bits of information.

Good overall view of how an EV works

Instructables that I used over and over

Other Sites
http://www.alltraxinc.com/ (I used an Alltrax controller, use the site for your controller)

Sites I used to purchase items for my EV Motorcycle


Step 1:

This is more inspiration for me to build my own! Great job, I hope she rides well for you. has anyone considered regenerative braking for one of these?
<p>Regen could be easily integrated into the system simply by purchasing a motor controller that allows regen...and slightly dependent upon how you set-up the mechanical linkages. If its a freestyling set-up, then it won't work. I would highly recommend using a hub motor for motorcycle builds. You could easily have dual hub motors, rather than just rear wheel. Would more than likely require two controllers though.</p>
From what I have heard regenerative breaking systems are really heavy for the most part. So their application is limited to public busses and what not.
If you add alternator to the front wheel, it could charge spare battery , hence get more running.
How is she running? I have been looking at your bike and others like it. I am going to school for welding and am wondering if hooking a charger to the battery pack (48v) that puts out 56 volts would it be worth it I'm thinking that it would be like the Chevy volt even though I don't like chevys. I would like somthing that I don't have to charge if I cant. Or just ride it accrost the country. But still be great for in town.
I have recently taken it apart as I am building a 1942 electric jeep with dual Perm 132 motors and running at 72 volts. I will post when I am complete.
Thanks for sharing, msjsdmesjs.. <br>Great presentation.. love it! <br> <br>I'm following! :)
how fast and how far <br>
It goes between 25-30 mph. I don't know how far I can take it yet as I only have driven up and down my street.
Congratulations on your maiden voyage!

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