Step 5: Last few things

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Double check all of your connections and tighten every bolt.

I wanted my bike to look as good as it rides, so I had all of the panels painted and custom graphics made up by worldsendimages.

Using a serial cable and laptop, tweak the speed controller program for your riding preferences.

Lastly, I got the bike inspected and insured. (Be prepared for the dealership mechanics to swarm and hit you with a bunch of questions and jokes about failing the emissions test).

I know these weren't step by step building instructions, but that's because of the complexity of this project and variables in component use. My intention was to give you the motivation to build your own by seeing how I did it and make it easier by supplying the parts list and a wiring diagram.

For more photo's and a build commentary visit my website at http://ben.cbccinc.com.

JacobT1125 days ago

Exactly what I've been looking for to get my own conversion off the ground. Thanks very much for taking the time to post

Hai how is your motorcycle working now. ?
Would you like to share some knowledge of yours experiences
Hi, This is my first interaction here in Instructables though i've been browsing and reading comments on every project for more that 5 years. First: I really like your project that I wanted to make my own. I really admire your E-bike finished product. Secondly, Is it ok for you if I request you to send me the instructions via e-mail coz i can't download the pdf of your instructable here? you may send it to: laurel_mj@yahoo.com. thanks a lot. If I receive your email, immediately i will start making my own e-bike based on your concept. BTW, I am from the Philippines and I love this site and all the projects here. KUDOS to everybody who shared their talents, time, efforts. I salute to the people behind this site.
That is a very slick conversion! Nice!
tim1274 years ago
thats really cool, i wouldnt even know it was home built. how many volts is one of those battaries and how much did they cost?
where do you find some old motorcyles?
and your motorcyle was great

where do you find an old motorcyle

eyeguy66 years ago
Great bike. What's the top speed, cruising speed and range between recharging? I'd like to build one, but need 100+ mile range.
how do you put it into reverse without the gearing? just twist the handle the other way round?
why on earth would you want reverse? Motorcyclists push their bikes backwards ;)
dbeki6 years ago
hey, i don't know too much about motors but is it possible to create a hybrid electric motor and a back up gas to increase your mileage range or would you run out of space in the motorcycle?
zeeb6 dbeki6 years ago
I have an electric-gas Hybrid mountain tandum bicycle belt drive 40cc gas on the rear,36volt hub motor on the frt also makes it 2WD average 25 to 30 MPH About 140 MPG ,needs no inc or reg or lic
This and other bikes i've looked at on this site are sweet. I've been lookin to do this my self but am no brain at things mechanical or electrical lol. Just thought id though this out for help to others lookin for help n hints. i found this book on amazon.com but it hasn't been released yet. "Build Your Own Electric Motorcycle (Tab Green Guru Guides) (Paperback) by Carl Vogel (Author)." One day hope to have my bike on here
This is a rather silly question.....I know this....but can it pull wheelies?
Ronald1006 years ago
I noticed your using direct drive from the motor, no gear box, I know it's not required but would a gear box help on mileage
hawkeyejr7 years ago
Did any one happen to think how much more efficient this "motor" cycle would be if the drive motor were installed where the engine crankshaft was and the clutch and transmission were retained. just a thought from some one who likes to take longer faster trips,and why not add(retain)the alternator,and recharge those batteries,when there's no load?
Alternator would hit the performance of the bike, whole thermodynamics thing i wont start on. For a variable speed motor, you dont really need a transmission since electric motors have pretty much constant torque and can reach very high RPM. Its optional but in the end it comes down to extra weight, valuable space and batery life.
depending on the skill level of the builder and how low you are trying to keep the weight regenerative breaking could be added to recover some of the energy normally lost in stop and go kind of driving. it might be a bit complex to incorporate into a bike
neardood7 years ago
Oh man, that is AWESOME!!! I wish i had one. Although i am doubtful of the resources used to make all the parts (batteries containing toxic chemicals, welding, electricity to charge/used in production) will oughtweigh the co$t of petrol, and thus enviroonmental benifit. Keep up the good work, and im looking 4WD to you're next creation
wee_man7 years ago
looks cool! great job is it road legal
Stryker (author)  wee_man7 years ago
Thanks, it was a lot of fun to build and even more to ride. Yes it's street legal, insured and inspected.
wee_man Stryker7 years ago
what was the price to get it road legal? jus like gettging it insured inspected street legal plates etc thanks
Stryker (author)  wee_man7 years ago
Yes exactly like that. I have basic insurance from my provider and the local Honda dealer inspected it. It was a big hit at the dealer with the mechanics asking lots of questions and joking about failing the emissions test.
wee_man Stryker7 years ago
Yes i was getting at the price roughly how much was it thanks
Stryker (author)  wee_man7 years ago
Sorry, I don't recall exactly. Whatever motorcycle registration/inspections costs from your state.
nepharis7 years ago
Very cool bike. I like the red :) I'm planning on building an electric motorcycle Real Soon Now; I'm mostly curious about getting it inspected and insurance. What do you have to show/prove for the inspection (what state/country/planet are you in)? Is your bike insured? Are there places that will give you crap insurance cheap?
Stryker (author)  nepharis7 years ago
Inspection was simple just took it to local Honda dealer and everything was fine. Of course I didn't have an emissions test report.... As for insurance I have the basic liability and I just gave them the equivalent HP that my electric is. Good luck on your bike.
ajparag7 years ago
what is the top speed of this bike? i tried to make one during my college project but failed miserably...i have the motor with me though.....can u guide us more about this project?
schenoweth7 years ago
You did a great job, what is the range? Man, that bums me out knowing a few months ago i had an old motorcyle melted down. Great work!