Step 5: Putting on the DC/DC converter & Throttle

Picture of Putting on the DC/DC converter & Throttle
The rest of the batteries were put on some aluminum angles located above the motor. The DC/DC converter hangs on those angles too. (The DC/DC converter takes the 96 volts used for traction and converts it to 13 volts to run the lights & such. It is the '12 volt' battery for the bike). I just wired the output of the converter to the Main fuse on the fuse box.

The motorcycle's twist grip moves a 0 - 5000 ohm pot-box that tells the controller how fast you want to go & how hard you want to accelerate. It behaves just like a normal throttle.
Dragan2266 years ago
It is because of this awesome Instructable that I started doing my own EV with a Suzuki Gs 750 E, Thanks Mike! Instead of using a DC-DC converter, I thought just to plug the batteries in series for the motor and in parallel for the 12v parts and to charge them with a high amp 12v charger. I think that this would work, do you think it will? Thanks -Dragan
Disc Dog (author)  Dragan2266 years ago
Dragan, It won't work. If you wire diagram it out and show it to a EE type he can explain. Check eBay for a cheap DC-DC converter. For the small amp draw of a bike (15 max?) it's usually cheaper than anything else. PS Don't tap one of the main pack batteries for 12 volts. That will just kill the pack much sooner.
joeybolz6 years ago
Nice job, like it. Found this while scrolling around on e-bay and saw your gas one for sale. Now I am interested in doing my own. Why do you need a DC to DC converter for your controls when you can pick 12 off of one battery? Has anyone used industrial DC drives instead of those Curtis's. 90's vintage DC drives can be had cheap.
Disc Dog (author)  joeybolz6 years ago
Joey, Some where in the 100's of questions on this blog is the answer to that question more in detail, but for now I can tell you that 'yes' you can get 12 volts off a battery tap, but 'NO' don't do it because you'll kill you pack 3 to 4 time faster than if you use a DC-DC converter. A packs life is directly proportional to how evenly you charge and discharge the batteries all together as one pack. Tapping one will kill the pack early on. You can use the old GE forklift drives, but most of those are too big and don't go to high enough voltages. You can use them though.