Step 3: Installing the racking

Picture of Installing the racking
Next you will need to add the lower wire rack to the bottom of the Cooler just above the heat tape. I like to use the Cooling Racks for Cookies on this level as they have their own raised stands raising them up off the heat source. NEVER PUT EGGS DIRECTLY ON THE HEAT SOURCE. Try to leave about 1 inch clearance between the heat tape and the racking. Measure the inside dimentions of your cooler clhttp://www.instructables.com/id/edit#osely as the walls taper in and trim the rack (if required). I use small tie wraps to ensure the legs on the cookie sheets do not fold shut. Once you have secured the legs, place this rack into the bottom of the Cooler. It will now look like the first picture.

After you have completed mounting the lower rack, you are ready to install the upper rack. I use the white closet wire racks that you can buy at any Home Depot and Lowes for the upper rack. I measure and cut it to fit exactly into the internal shelf that is already built into the Cooler walls. If you did everything else up to this point as I have, it will fit perfectly. If you have modified anything up to this point you can use screws to mount the racking being sure to leave a minimum of 5.5 inches between the lower and upper racks (must make sure you can fit you egg boxes!) The second picture shows the setup with both racks installed.