video How to build a Cigar Box Guitar
This is a video detailing how I built my Cigar Box Guitar. I made the neck out of poplar and the fingerboard out of rosewood. The fretboard radius is 14" and the scale length is 22.5 inches. 

To  comlete this project you will need:
-a cigar box
-a 1x4 poplar board
-a rosewood fingerboard blank from StewMac
-about 3 ft of fretwire
-some brass bolts
-a tusq bridge for acoustic guitar
-a bone nut for acoustic guitar
-acoustic guitar strings
-glue & adhesives
-wood stain

-a cnc machine
-a fretting saw
-a 14" radius sanding block
-a exacto knife or carpet knife

Bjarke2 years ago
What tuning do you use?
charlieCG (author)  Bjarke2 years ago
This guitar is DGBE. Like a Baritone Uke.