In this instructable I am going to attempt to show you how to build your own computer. I built this computer for about 700 with monitor. But you can build a computer for as little as 200-300 if you do it right. The lights, lighted fans and wire sleeves are not necessary but i think they look good.  I buy all my computer parts from NewEgg they are the least expensive place that I have found to buy from and if your not in a state where they have a warehouse there is NO TAX. Xpc has some great lighted accessories and it never hurts to check eBay. 

Note-The reason i don't have a graphics card is it arrived Dead and i sent it back.

www.NewEgg.com Computer parts.
www.Xpcgear.com Computer Accessories.
www.eBay.com Everything else.


To begin you will want to gather all of your parts together.
The basic computer is built from:

Motherboard - Make sure the Mobo is compatible with the processor. It provides all of the pathways connections and lines to everything.

Processor - It is like the Human Brain. Everything that goes through your computer goes through the CPU at some point.

Power Supply - A PSU converts the alternating current power from a wall outlet into a direct current power source that the devices within a computer system use. Power supplies also serve to regulate and control the distribution of this power across several voltage levels.

Memory - Random Access Memory, or volatile memory, is used by the system to store data for processing by a computer's central processing unit (CPU)

Disk Drive - Is used for reading and writing Cd's or DVD's.

Hard Drive - Used to store data and operating system.

Operating System - It manages the hardware and software resources of the system.

Computer Case - It houses the whole lot of it. It should already come with fans but you can swap them out for lighted if there not already.

Those are the fundamental things you need for a computer.

Next A little about the Motherboard.


Use PC Part picker to buy parts, they gather all prices from the internet and compile them to help you find the cheapest parts

zack2474 years ago
nice instructable, and dont forget that you can use petroleum jelly as a replacement for thermal paste.
Captin69 (author)  zack2474 years ago
Thanks. Wouldn't the petroleum jelly melt and run out everywhere causing shorts?
well, from what i understand, peroleum jelly isn't conductive, abut it hasn't melted yet and i used it in my internet router. it has about the consistency of really low grade thermal paste, but i wouldn't say that it works bad, its also on my video card :)
i usually use toothpaste. works better than petroleum jelly. I read somewhere that mustard and mayo works
Captin69 (author)  beehard444 years ago
I actually just rebuilt my graphics card. and i used a mix of toothpaste and A&D ointment.
1825154 years ago
You forgot one of the most important parts for a computer, A video card. You dont absolutely need one but if you want to run dual monitors or play games then you need one.
Captin69 (author)  1825154 years ago
I put in the instructable NOTE: The reason i don't have a graphics card is it arrived Dead and i sent it back. Thank you for your comment though when my graphics card gets in i will add to the insctructable.