How to build a "Flexi-Perch" Squirrel-proof birdfeeder for $10 or less


Step 16: Make the "flexi-perches"

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Put the base plate on your work surface with the inside facing up. Place a cable tie on the base plate (flat-side down) with the head near the center hole and lined up with one of the marks corresponding with a feed hole and perch slot. The tail of the cable tie should extend past the edge of the base plate.

Staple the cable tie wrap down securely. Do not staple more that halfway to the edge. I used 3/8" staples. You may need to use another cable tie as a spacer to prevent the staple from cutting through the cable tie.

Repeat with a cable tie at each of the other 3 marks. You have now made the flexi-perches for the feeder.
pops446 years ago
Instead of stapling the ties to the base plate, I drilled four holes around the tube instead of cutting slots. (they should be small enough to hold the tie tight). Then I inserted one 12" tie through one hole and out the opposite hole.