How to Build a LED Mood Lamp/ Solder Safety Light





Introduction: How to Build a LED Mood Lamp/ Solder Safety Light

How many times have you burned down your house because you forgot to turn off that Soldering Iron or glue gun? Well I have never burned down my house (and hopefully you haven't either) but in this instructable I am going to teach you how to build a LED mood light that can also be used a Solder Safety light. Basically you can plug this light into a power strip that has your soldering iron and glue gun plugged into. That way you will see the light on your way out reminding you, that you forgot to turn off your soldering iron and or glue gun. This is a cheap, easy, safe, and quick instructable that most people will enjoy.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Electrical tape- Any kind will do as long as it is an insulator.
LED- Any color or size. I used a 10mm RGB (Red, green, blue)
Wall Wart/ Power supply- This is really important. Make sure you have one that supplies the correct voltage and amperage. I used an old one I found in my basement.
Input: AC 120v~60 Hz 4W
OutPut:DC3v--- 200ma 0.6 VA
Wire Cutters and Strippers
I used my MAKE: Warranty Voider - Leatherman "Squirt" E4 (electronics version) Pocket multitool. (BTW this is the best Mulitool I have ever owned!!!) Its the best!

Step 2: Prepare the Wall Wart

The First thing you have to do is cut off the plug at the end of the wall wart. Then separate the the wires and strip then. Strip about 2cm off of each wire.

Step 3: Attach LED and Tape/ Conclusion

Now all you have to do is attach the LED legs to the wires. Make sure that coordinate the Positive Side of the LED with correct wire of the wall wart. Then tape it up! Your done. Now just plug it into the power strip that you have your soldering iron and/or glue gun plugged into and you have a safety light. You could use a White LED and use it as a work light potentially. Now you have a great mood light or night light. Please rate and comment this instructable and check out my other instructables. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for reading
Joe R



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    also an unregulated wall wart with the specs 3V/200mA will output 3V if you actually use 200mA. Free running (~0mA, or 20mA etc.) it WILL be more than 3V...

    how do you get it to change colors?

    You use an RGB LED with a microcontroller (ie Arduino). He didn't explain how to use it here.

    you guys are smart. can i hook up a rgb led in parallel with the different colors such as: green to red , red to blue . and blue to green pls respond ty.

    Ah - the Soldier Safety Lamp - how to protect our boys in Iraq with a simple LED!

    Hint: "solder" does not have an "i"...

    Damn it. Now I feel stupid. well thanks. i changed it.

    That's ok, it gave me a chuckle on a cold and dreary morning. ;-)

    Thank you, I thought they were spelt the same, myself :P

    Spelt is spelled with a t.

    Ok, I'll shut up now... ;-)