Well now, I was looking through the site and found out that there are very few, if any, How-To's on Team Fortress 2, one of the best recently released games made by Valve.
So I decided to instruct you on how to do something fabulous in the game.
How to build an unstoppable gun as an engineer.

Some things you need:
-Wrench------------------- Standard Engineer Melee weapon, join the engineer class to obtain.
-More than 600 Metal-- This can easily be obtained, despite the fact you can only carry 200 at a time.
-A good spot------------- To place your Sentry of course!
-Time and Dedication- This is not an easy task, patience will be rewarded in the end.
-Goggles------------------ They do nothing.
Optional equipment:
dispenser----------------- An easy way of obtaining metal.
Shotgun------------------- To help defend your sentry when it is malfunctioned.
Pyro------------------------- Very good spy checkers.

All of this may appear confusing, but everything will be revealed in time.

Step 1: Choosing a Server, Team, and Class

First, we need to find a map to build our sentry, or else we cannot build one of level 3.
ctf_2fort.bsp is a good map for beginner engineers, so i highly suggest that.
After you find a server of your choice, you will be prompted which team to choose. This does not matter, as both team RED and team BLU can build sentries, given the player is the right class. Which leads onto our next substep.
You will be asked which class to choose. Select engineer, or some other class, but that wouldn't allow us to build a sentry. If at any time you get tired of your current class and decide to build your level 3 sentry, press the ",", "<", or comma key on your keyboard located next to your ".",">", or period key.
Select engineer, so we can start building.
So, I thought this was like, a model, soo... Um, okay... Why don't you just go onto the in game tutorial?
I sapped mine by accident and beat it with a wrench 2 times. so I am a engineer spy *hears sapper* not again
you can camp now :D literally
&quot;Need a Dispenser over here!&quot;
The goggles, They do nothing<br><br>A good idea, and very useful to all the f2p players out there (i'm not one lol)
*gets wrench*
now make a real sentry gun with real bullets...oh god I want one of those :D
[[[Now you must wait until it erects.]]] XD Erects. Lulz. :] Is this like a FTP game or what>
no the engineers says it when you set it up
there is a manual explaining all about the sentres and dispensers and teleporters. i cant access it because its in the steam store though...it comes up with a 403 error.
I would if I could, but I'd like to show pictures for my tutorials, and I don't have a camera. Sorry for the inconvenience.
ahah this is very interesting if u have not played the game lol but one helpful tip iam a season tf2 player ;p and i usually enjoy the maps that have the jet pack mod or the 1000 mod (it makes everything faster u get more ammo and do more damage ) but if u have your game console ready to be used next time ur in a map that has a low ping and is a 1000 modded map type this in your console "c3_build" i think i may have made a mistake on the code if i have i will tell u again ;p
Hate to break this to you but im pretty sure that anyone who has played the game for more then 5 minutes knows how to do this, it might even be in the tips during the loading screens.
You would be surprised at how long some people take to get simple concepts like this one.
well i dont play as engy vary much...

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