Picture of How to build a Light Up Camera Level for a DSLR

Have you ever shot in low light conditions and noticed your shots were off level? Well I certainly have!  I have been doing a lot of work lately with long exposure photography and when I am out in the field using a gorillapod I find myself running into this quite often.

I know I can buy a shoe mount camera level, but at night it is very difficult to see.  I clearly needed to make my own, so please follow along in this instructable to see how to make your own.  Here is a quick video walk through showing you what you can build by the end of this instructable.

Parts List:
-Coin Battery Holder (taken from a simple window alarm in this case) - $1 harbor freight
-2x spirit levels with holders - $2 at OSH
-2.5 x 4 inch piece of scrap sheet aluminum
-4 small green LEDs
-slide switch
-small project case - $1 at AllElectronics
-Enamel Coated Wire
-5 Minute quick set expoxy - $1 harbor freight

-Mighty Puddy
-Spray Paint
-Felt Pads - $2 OSH

Tools Required:
-Soldering Iron
-Tin Snips
-Sand Paper
-Drill and Bits
cory.smith3 years ago
Love. It. Plain and simple.

zuzuzzz4 years ago
It looks like this is the window  foto, and stocks

Nice idea I will have to try this on my indestructable and pain to setup in quick situation manfroto tripod. Tried the Flexpod Pro and it will not support the weight of my dslr. :(

zomie (author)  Laser_PewPew5 years ago

The Gorillapod Focus should be able to hold your DSLR.  I have had good luck with that and larger glass.

Thanks I will have to pick one up.
zieak5 years ago
This is really nice.  I'll tuck it away mentally in case i ever need one.
mowie5 years ago
this is awesome i allso cant figure out why there arent many comments
zomie (author)  mowie5 years ago
 Thanks!  I was wondering the same thing.   I am also trying to figure out why people are rating it down.   These contests are rough, people get overly competitive.
blalor5 years ago
This is a great idea!  How can this be the first comment? :-)

It looks like this is the window alarm you used: Door/Window Entry Alarm .  Do you have a link to the spirit levels?  I'm not familiar with "OSH"...
zomie (author)  blalor5 years ago
Thank you for the compliment...

Here is a very similar level set at Lowes: