Picture of How to build a MYSTIC from THE DARK CRYSTAL
The Dark Crystal is a 1982 Jim Henson Movie. It featured a power struggle between the evil Skeksis and the gentle Mystics. The Mystics were natural wizards with four arms and rustic lifestyle.

For Halloween I made a Mystic on weekends over a few months. Here is The front and side of the costume with a screenshot and a productions sketch from the movie.

Step 1: Materials Required

(note: all parts except the rubber and wigs were bought at garage sales, used thrift stores, dollar stores, or found dumpster diving, the more you can find for free or used the cheaper this will be)

Rubber parts and wigs

1 Nostro mask (and paint stripper) 80$
4 jumbo hands 40$
2 jumbo feet 25$
3 long grey wigs 50$
cotton gloves (sweat protection) 2$

Armour parts

red velvety material for armour 5$
thick brown leather for tail 5$
lightweightbrown ultrasuede for lining armour edges 10$
brown leather for swirls 10$
chest protector 5$
4 hockey shin pads 10$
2 hockey pants 10$

fur boots for uppers 10$
rawhide for shoe covers 5$
spool of leather stripping for stitching 15$
bunch of brown shoelaces 3$

Body structure

camping backpack frame (black with good straps and belts) 5$
4 children's floor hockey sticks for arms 6$
4 foam pool noodles for arms 8$
4 sets hockey elbow pads 5$
various hockey pads for shoulder sculpting 10$
baby bathtub 2$
4 large U-shaped bolts and nuts 6$
20' aluminum doorstop tracking for neck 6$
8 keychain rings (large) 4$
tin (old cookie box) $0
old water cooler bottle $0
some styrofoam packing material solid $0
old plastic syrop bottle for head 0$
lightweight brown material to cover bodyparts for uniform colour 2$
6" bolt and nut 2$
stuffed toy lizard 5$
welders mask 15$
tenting screen 2$
1" thick bumpy yellow foam camping mat 2$


beige burlappy material for his shirt 12$
beige heavy shirt for you to wear 5$
brown rustic pants 5$
brown rustic belt 5$
old pillow with fringe 2$
old blanket with fringe 2$
macrame plant hanger 2$
beige thread 1$
brown thread 1$


baubles 4$
toy disks 2$
crystals 2$
moon 2$
jingle bells 2$
star 2$
beading fringe (old shirt) 5$

Craft Supplies

copper spraypaint 5$
brown poster paint $2
hot glue (a lot) 12$
nuts and bolts several dozen various sizes 15$
duct tape 8$


exacto knife
sewing supplies
leather hole punch
NOODLE!1 year ago

I thought this was going to be a prop at first! This is an AMAZING costume!!!! Are you able to move efficiently while wearing it?

solipsism (author)  NOODLE!1 year ago

mystics dont move efficiently, so it isnt a problem in down mode, you kind of duck walk and use the cane,..but I can stand up at any time and just walk around, everything is supported on the backpack, its about 35 pounds so not really a problem.

that film terrified me

Try watching it again. And instead of focusing on the scary parts, look at the amazing puppetry skills.

mrfoltz1 year ago
I'm amazed at some of the objects that you have taken and re-proposed!!!
Excellent work!
Wow! thats amazing! really cool :)
Zuanon3 years ago
Fantastic! congratulations!
KronoNaut3 years ago
One of the most complete instructables I've ever read. Thanks!
kiffakitty5 years ago
i was searching around on instructables and when i saw this i had to click on it! that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! too bad its not a costume! great creativity- i loved that you made such realistic necklaces and other decorations just from cheap toys- what a good idea!
that is a costume...
This is one of my favorite movies. You did an excellent job replicating the mystic. :)
Excellent job.
Wow, this is truly outstanding work! Love this film!
TreeMunky4 years ago
Seriously, what a fantastic build. My hat off to you :)
Awesome! One of my favorite movies. Its too bad they're overusing CG nowdays...
I won't be tackling this instructable, but I had to say excellent job on this one!
Biggsy5 years ago
very cool
milesduggan5 years ago
 BRAVO! This is amazing! Your are very creative!
5Meats5 years ago
your mystic costume is awesome!  I as well made a costume based off the Dark Crystal. 
 That is an awesome costume!
smkoberg5 years ago
Holy crap!
I wanted to do this for this year but never got around to it/didn't know where to start!!! This is fantastic.
Great job!
komecake5 years ago
  Awsome!!! :)
aaronanalog5 years ago
OMFG ! This is so cool ! The Dark Crystal was the FIRST movie I EVER watched on the big screen. I used to have nightmares of the Skeksis when I was little. I am also going to college for Mechanical Engineering and I think it has a lot to do with this movie. I was wondering if you made a pivot on the metal strips that support the head and connect them to a small helmet or head band of some sort, you could then move the head with your head. Either way, I am so glad to see this movie still thrives in the hearts of so many people like myself. ♥
solipsism (author) 5 years ago

not completely together since it was frickin' hot, but this was what it looked like
hammer98766 years ago
This is bloody awesome! I remember first seeing the movie. I would get preoccupied looking at the costumes and forget that there was a movie! Great Mystic!
...Looks like someone watched the special features on the DVD as well.
Bitszu6 years ago
Thats Sweet, Now I just have to wait for someone to make a Garthim costume and put up an Ible!
laernmoer6 years ago
hoooooooooooly crap! that was my reason for becoming a Mechanical Engineer! those costumes were so awesome! Props, man!
limpach6 years ago
Holy! 0.o Nice Costume Man. Seriously looks like the actual costume
vkoser6 years ago
Fantastic job!!! I am a huge fan of that movie and your costume is an excellent representation. How was your back after walking around like that all night?
solipsism (author)  vkoser6 years ago
I padded the straps with 4 inches of foam so it wasn't too bad, but standing still was worse than plodding about the bar. The second night I had to do it again and I seemed to be used to it. (and winning a wallet full of money helped)
aphrael vkoser6 years ago
Yea the movie is great! :D At first I didn't even notice this was a costume, I just figured it was a sculpture or something! Although that would be a pretty big sculpture to have around the house... Loads of inventiveness on this costume though, mad props to you, solipsism!
mmh6 years ago
Very impressive costume! I would need a crane to lift me up after getting down to that level. My knees don't work so well these days . . . Maybe heavy duty knee pads would work or sit on a "scoot-n-doo" and scoot around like that!
jnixon6 years ago
That is incredible. Great job!
KentsOkay6 years ago
Very cool! looks almost exactly like the movie.