I've always admired the Millennium Falcon and wanted a novel way to display it.  The model can be mounted on the wall and the colours changed via remote control - guess who's lost the remote though!  Anyway, hopefully you'll enjoy my first Instructable.  Simon.

Step 1: Buy a Battered Millennium Falcon

I bought this one from eBay and it's seen better days.  It's a Kenner original from 1979 and they're a decent size and full of interesting detail.  This one was destined to be scrapped, but I thought I could give it a new lease of life.  All of the old stickers were removed using white spirit.
I found the same millennium falcon in the garbage a year ago (minus some parts...plus gumby and pokey as pilots) none the less, a worthy project
A worthy and dignified save of the good ol' <a href="http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YT-1300_light_freighter" rel="nofollow" title="YT-1300 light freighter">YT-1300f light freighter</a>.<br /> I applaud jealously.<br />
Nice Instructable, I have the new version of the Millennium Falcon and they come in a nice size . As a Sci Fi geek it breaks my heart to think that someone can scrap a vintage 1979 model. I am a big baby I have on the very top of my wardrope about 30 model&nbsp;ships keeping them far away from my baby son's&nbsp;destructive hands :)<br /> Anyway I like the lightening part&nbsp;it's a&nbsp;great idea to hang on the wall.
Nice work, and congratulations on getting Featured !!!<br /> <br />

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