I wrote a Picture instructable about my Wobbly MiniBiped robot recently, but I thought maybe someone will be interested in building one. So I decided to write step by step instructions. 

Wobbly is a 5 DOF (degrees of freedom) robot, that moves by skidding his feet on a hard surface. He also has a panning head with an infrared distance sensor to detect objects that may block it's path. He has 2 mini hobby servos for each leg, plus a micro servo for the head. It's brain is an Arduino compatible board designed especially for building robots, called the uBotino (micro-botino) controller. 

To build this robot, you need the following parts:

- one uBotino V3 kit , from RobotxDesigns.ca
- four mini servos , from HobbyKing.com
- one micro servo , from HobbyKing.com
- one Sharp IR senso r plus cable , from RobotShop.com
- a piece of 1/4" scrap plywood
- five 18mm (3/4")  plastic stand-offs and M3 bolts (or #4-40), from RobotShop.com
- two double AAA battery boxes
- some wires
- a few small screws , from HobbyKing.com
- some double sticky tape

You will also need a FTDI cable to program the controller. If you don't have one, you may get one that is compatible, from here .

Now start to build it!

Step 1: Electronics

After you get the uBotino V3 kit from RobotxDesigns.ca, you need to download the assembly instructions and solder all the parts on the PCB. The kit comes with the microcontroller pre-programmed with the Arduino bootloader and the Blink sketch. The only different thing you need to do is connect the 2 battery boxes in series and only then crimp the polarized Molex connector that will be plugged in the board.

My battery boxes came with solder lugs, so I had to get 2 pairs of red and black wires, cut them about 3" long, then soldered each pair to one battery box, red for the positive, black for the negative. Take the other end of the red wire from one box and the black wire from the other box and solder them together, this way you connect the boxes in series. Use a little electrical tape or shrink tube to insulate it. Crimp the Molex pins on the remaining wires and plug them in the housing, with the red wire where the arrow points at. Verify the polarity and voltage with a multimeter before you plug the connector into the uBotino controller! You should have 6V (with fresh batteries) and the positive at the hole marked with an arrow.

Next, make the robot body!
<p>hi, nice work! i'm studying differnt servo configs for bipeds right now, and you're in the four servo category. interestingly, your config is two servos in the same direction (as opposed to BoB which uses the hip servos to turn the bot). would be very interesting to see a video of your little friend walking and possibly even turning. any chance?</p>
yes for sure
could i up scale it to a human size one
hey wow

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