Picture of How to build a MiniBiped robot
I wrote a Picture instructable about my Wobbly MiniBiped robot recently, but I thought maybe someone will be interested in building one. So I decided to write step by step instructions. 

Wobbly is a 5 DOF (degrees of freedom) robot, that moves by skidding his feet on a hard surface. He also has a panning head with an infrared distance sensor to detect objects that may block it's path. He has 2 mini hobby servos for each leg, plus a micro servo for the head. It's brain is an Arduino compatible board designed especially for building robots, called the uBotino (micro-botino) controller. 

To build this robot, you need the following parts:

- one uBotino V3 kit , from
- four mini servos , from
- one micro servo , from
- one Sharp IR senso r plus cable , from
- a piece of 1/4" scrap plywood
- five 18mm (3/4")  plastic stand-offs and M3 bolts (or #4-40), from
- two double AAA battery boxes
- some wires
- a few small screws , from
- some double sticky tape

You will also need a FTDI cable to program the controller. If you don't have one, you may get one that is compatible, from here .

Now start to build it!
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vkotangale3 years ago
yes for sure
tinker2343 years ago
could i up scale it to a human size one
tinker2343 years ago
hey wow