Step 5: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
When it's all done, this is what you are left with.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I will do my best to help you out.
Nice job, i think i will make something like this built out of my old NES, PS1 and maybe get a SNES. Great job on this. i'm not going to sacrifice a computer though. rather just hack an old console.
fms892 years ago

I am looking to make this but I am having trouble with all the wiring and stuff. I am a girl and this will be a massive challenge for me to build but I am no good with all that fidly bits like wiring or computers/programs. Is there any way you could give me a step by step instructions on all the wirings and stuff? I would appreciate it so much!

I love your idea and I would love to make it.
fms89@outlook.com :).

tygersrule2 years ago
Hey, planning on building this, can you tell me how much plexiglass you used and where you go it from? Also, what did you use for the secondary buttons, and where did you get them from.
russm313 (author)  tygersrule2 years ago
I got the plexi from Home Depot. The secondary buttons are just momentary SPST buttons from radioshack. Good luck!
Krayzi993 years ago
Is there a way to get the VB script from ya? still a extremely beginner vb programmer
how big is your monitor and extra side room so i can adjust the size some
orangeguy816 years ago
Cool job. I did notice you attached the joystick on the top of the panel. You are supposed to put it under the wood. Otherwise, awesome.
i think it looks awesome like that. looks retro
zeroblood4 years ago
correct me if im wrong but the VB program brings up a list of roms to choose when the computer boots right? here is a way to do that with a batch file
put all your roms into a folder ("nesroms" in this case) put them in your C: folder then open notepad and type:

cd C:
start nesroms

then save it as .bat and put it in your startup folder and that should do the trick. just 3 simple lines. great project by the way
rosenred5 years ago
Great work man, loved it. If you have a bar, it makes a hell of a bar top! I was thinking that had you added an extra set of controls, it would be wide enough to allow for a stand alone cabinet... Also the mouse mode idea was brilliant! In this case, even if you do not have a front end like yours, you can pretty much control any emulator without the need of programming a large number of keys.
ebubbula5 years ago
Awesome!!!!! I love what you've done! Do you know about how much it cost?
hi was wondering if you could send what must we take the computer and send to my email and lara.tmr @ hotmail.com

ah. its arcade and other if you can answer I will wait
BadrEddine5 years ago
            Great work Man i wiish that i can do it 2 but i will try but i dont have skills working with bsoldering
LoboNR5 years ago
Hi man
congratulations you're so great
but i've some questions
did you use HD on your old computer??
How did you get the visual VBprogram??
i've an old computer and wanna make my own nintendo arcade

could you passme the VB code?? or the complette instructable to mye-mail adress??
my e-mail adress is   lobo.alirog13@gmail.com

thankyou and another time congratulations!!
ugee4675 years ago
Could you send me or display the VB code you wrote for this system?
ephenclark6 years ago
where do you get the VB program
themanpear6 years ago
How do you get the PC to power on from the main power toggle in the back without a PC power on-button? Also how tall did you make the marquee, gonna attemp this this weekend drawing up my designs now. Great Job!!
russm313 (author)  themanpear6 years ago
Oh, sorry. I missed the question about the marquee. I think it is about 4" tall, I know that it is 18" wide. If you need exact, I can measure it when I get home today.
How did you write the front end in VB to access the emulator and games? Or what did you write exactly?
ronmaggi6 years ago
The Idea of this i'ble is great, but there is a lot of missing info. There is no reference as to where to find the VB Nintendo emulator. Also, where to find the joystick and buttons is omitted. Goblin shark 123, don't take the film off of the Plexiglas until you are actually mounting it or painting it that way it stays scratch free. You could try to salvage what you have with Flitz metal polish.
I have used arcade controls like these on a number of projects, and I usually get mine from http://www.happcontrols.com/ (but they can be found at many other places as well).
russm313 (author)  ronmaggi6 years ago
The emulator is not VB. You can use any emulator that exists out there. I wrote a front end in VB to access the emulator and games so no keyboard or mouse was needed. I did not want to endorse a certain emulator, so I left that I out. I figured anyone building this would already have a favorite emulator. The joystick and buttons can be found by a quick google search. There are several companies online that sell them and again I did not want to endorse a certain one. They all pretty much work the same. And I think Goblinshark123 was just joking... Thanks for reading my instructable :)
dmhjah russm3136 years ago
was the emulator a hardware piece or software? I ask because if it is hardware then did you have to, I don't know, write some sort of device driver for it?
theSWIT6 years ago
This is really cute !No way Im trying out this..but Im saving up for a Wii (off topic but..) Good job !<:
dmhjah6 years ago
I have got to say that this is so very cool. Great job.
l3owzaaaah6 years ago
You see I followed the step by step instructions and stuff, but mine just didn't turn out right; the wood was uneven, the plexiglass scratched, the paint rubs off on my hands, and two of the vb scripted games won't load.