Step 6: Assembling the hubs

Picture of Assembling the hubs
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Put the hubs together by threading a 1/4" bolt through the holes. I used 2.5 inch bolts because it left me with enough thread to attach other things, like the dome covering, or later, lighting on the inside. 

If you don't want to have holes in your covering, make sure the bolts face inwards. I decided to make all of the bolts on the bottom hubs face outwards to attach to grommets on the covering, but it's up to you.

After the hubs are bolted together, attach couplings to all of the tabs.

gorth1 year ago

You could save money by making a coupling on the end of the pipe by heating the end then forcing another pipe lubed with something into the end about 1 inch or so. There's an ible' that teaches you how to do this but I don't remember the name.