Picture of How to build a Pedestal

The almighty white pedestal! Any object you put on top of this rectangular prism is automatically worth more, depending on who you ask. The subject of much debate within the contemporary art world, the white pedestal was questioned by Marcel Duchamp when he placed a common urinal on top of one and called it art. Thus questioning the very foundations of art itself. However, the white pedestal is a necessary way to display small objects. …No hate.

As a wood shop technician in the Bowling Green State University Art School, I have made countless pedestals. I have also seen quite a few different techniques. I learned the technique that I will be showing you at the Kansas City Art Institute. I don't remember who taught me this technique, but I would love to give them credit for it. I have passed this process on to many, including people who have been building them for years.

For this Instructable, the focus is on the construction of one pedestal. I chose to make four with a six inch height variation for a project I am working on. Please adjust the shape, size, and number of units to your needs.

The reasons why I prefer this Technique to others:

  • Easy assembly
  • No nails (means no wood filler)
  • clean seamless edges
  • very few tools and materials needed
StephanieP19 months ago

So if I wanted to build this with plywood instead of MDF, would you recommend I clamp after gluing in addition to the tape to line it up neatly in the first place?

captainrave made it!9 months ago

I made three rectangular pedestals using this instructable which is really excellent. I staggered the heights 3" apart. They will look awesome in our lobby.

photo 3.JPG
tlinder (author)  captainrave9 months ago

Great! Thanks for the picture. They look nice and clean too.

chifin1 year ago
Well done. I see that a handy table saw makes it much easier. Also, your 'tape' tip between side panels is worth gold! :-)