Step 6: Removing the sand

Picture of Removing the sand
If you are building with a rather dry mixture, you can remove the sand form right after you finished building. But if you're not sure, better give it a week or two for drying depending on weather and climate. Our oven wasn't completely dry as you can see, but it felt hard to touch. So we removed the sand to dry it out from the inside as well. To speed up the process i burned large candles inside my oven. After another week, i started my first fire. Start it small, and do it daily for a week or so. After this, my oven was dry and i tried my first bread. Resist your pyromanic urges to load it with too much fuel, as you can see on the third and fourth picture. If there is more fuel, than the oxygen can burn, it starts to soot badly and burns out the oven door. And that's not where you want the heat.