How to Build a Plastic Heat Bender





Introduction: How to Build a Plastic Heat Bender

About: TAP Plastics has been providing customers with unique fiberglass, plastic and related products since 1952. We specialize in fiberglass resins and fabrics for fiberglass repair, plastic containers, and custom...

This video segment will show you how to build a plastic line bender using BriskHeat Strip Heater, so that you can bend plastic at home



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    8 Discussions

    Indeed, but I'm horrified that ANYone, especially a professional company, would suggest anything for such a setup other than a properly wired plug - including the earth (ground) wire. The narrator even warns that a fault could short to the aluminium*
    * (strontium, dysprosium, uranium, ..., aluminIUM [element 13] ;] )

    I guess it is a good thing that they suggested a method of properly wiring the plug then, huh?

    Hi 8bit. I'm not sure what "*O¤��vÉ(±*°MA2n‰SCohYÅB›Xt‚ÂÊ ..., [copper �ire];}" means but I imagine you were frustrated at my original comment. A misunderstanding I think: in my experience sticking a stripped earth wire in the earth recepticle of an extension cord - where the third pin of a "properly wired" male plug would go - is not "properly wired" (about 3:30 in the video). Of course it may be a type of extension cord plug I've not seen before, and maybe it is perfectly safe by the standards of the country in which the video was shot. In that case I withdraw my objection.
    And yes, the slide together plug was indeed a nifty idea.

    Nope. Here it is two years later and I'm still horrified, especially as at 4:40 they show two store-bought strip heaters with properly wired plugs - if these do not include an earth wire, then I'm even more horrified that they need to warn us about shorts. Wrapping a bit of tape around all the wires at 3:45 is not "a method of properly wiring the plug".
    Caveat emptor, basically, but I'm just pointing out the dangers of improperly wired mains electricity.

    Hmmm, that's interesting: I copy and pasted your string of symbols, but it didn't come out the same! I'll try it again...
    *O¤��vÉ(±*°MA2n‰SCohYÅB›Xt‚ÂÊ ..., [copper �ire];}
    Well it is the same when I paste it, so perhaps it's the saving that changes it. Here goes...

    *O¤��vÉ(±*°MA2n‰SCohYÅB›Xt‚ÂÊ ..., [copper �ire];}

    Rather than getting it from tap plastics I would suggest getting it from the maker directly. It'll cost almost half of what tp is selling it for. (for the 36 inch one at pt they are selling it for 72$ wile you can get it for 42$ from the makers site) They also offer 3 sizes.