Step 15: Wood putty and Sanding

Make sure all the trim nails are counter sunk.  Go back over them all with stainable wood putty, allow it to dry then sand it down.  Sand the whole bookcase, if its really rough start with a course sandpaper like 60 grit and work up to 220 so its nice and smooth, no splinters etc.  Remove all the dust and then go over it again with tack cloth just to be sure. 
<p>Great instructable, well written and descriptive. If you make it 3ft wide, could you reduce the 2x4's to 1x4's and keep it sturdy? I'm trying to reduce the overall weight of this since I'll be moving it myself.</p>
<p>Nice job!!! Very well thought out instructable.</p>
I can't wait to start this!
How much would you estimate your project to cost? Minus hardware that is? BTW this instructable was awesome i can't wait to make a matching pair for either side of the fireplace.... grrr now i'm gonna have to move the heater vents :((
It was about 150 dollars minus the hardware. What made this over 100 dollars was the trim. I couldn't believe how expensive that stuff is. One other way that would make this cheaper is to make it 3 feet wide instead of 4, I'm pretty sure that would save 1 sheet of plywood. If you plan on painting the bookcase, the pre-painted trim is cheaper than the wood trim.
Kudos! A job well done. This is not only a beautiful piece of furniture but but also strong and will last for a very long time. Thank you for posting!
Thanks! We have since loaded it down with books and its holding just fine.

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