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Introduction: How to Build a Rainbow Loom Using K'NEX

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My little sister loves her Rainbow Loom, and making bracelets and stuff on her loom. She has a box full of colored bands. I looked at her loom and it looks pretty simple so I decided to build my own loom out of K'NEX pieces. I tried making a loom out of LEGO but I didn't have enough pieces to make it work. I think K'NEX pieces work much better because the pegs have a little notch on them that holds the bands really well.

If you have KNEX pieces, you can use them to make this easy to build rubber band bracelet loom. In my video, I'll show you how to make your own loom step by step using only K'NEX pieces. You just need four different types of K'NEX pieces - that's it. If you want to make longer bracelets, you can always add more K'NEX pieces to make your loom longer. It's really simple and it works! I tested it with my sister and made a single band bracelet on our looms. My K'NEX loom works just as well as the real Rainbow Loom.

There are two videos in this Instructable: a step by step tutorial at and a demo at on how the K'NEX Rainbow Loom works.

Hope you guys like. Let me know if you make one!


Brian at (-:



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    Glad to see you're a finalist, congratulations!!

    Thank you Emily! :)

    really creative!your sis must be pretty happy by now,

    you can make slingshot bands out of these and i will soon be posting a tutorial on how to do it.

    Cool. Would love to see it!

    I will post it as soon as rhe next sutable contest comes up

    Thanks! Now you can have a Knex loom :)

    This is awesome! Your video is awesome! You are awesome!

    Thank you for YOUR awesome comment! :)

    This is AWESOME!!! My sister loves it!!! :)