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We recently had our open house at TechShop in San Jose. To help direct traffic and pedestrians, we created these signs. We wanted something that was sturdy, and  was relatively cheap so we would have to worry to much if the sign "walked away." Here is a quick instructable on how to make an easy sign just like ours!
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Step 1: Sign parts...ASSEMBLE!!!

Picture of Sign parts...ASSEMBLE!!!
What you will need:

2 2'x4' sheets of particle board (3/8-1/2" thick)*
2 lengths of chain, 10" long
2 hinges
12 screws (slighlty shorter than the thickness of your board (if it is a 1/2" board, then 3/8" screws)

* Note: It can sometimes be hard to find perfectly sized particle board (or any wood). I used the panel saw at TechShop in San Jose to quickly cut my pieces down to size!

Step 2: Drill Baby Drill

Picture of Drill Baby Drill
First, lay your two boards down, end to end. Leave space between your board approximately the thickness the hinges you are using. The hinges are going to be on the inside of the sign you are making, so make sure they are facing the correct direction. After some last minute lining up, drill the hinges in.

Step 3: The hard part

Picture of The hard part
OK, so, figuring out the length of chain is the hardest part. Find an angle that you like. Now, find a distance down from the top that you like. This will give you a length for the chain, as well as the length from the top as to where you should drill your screws to attach the chain. (mine was at 22.5" from the top) Mark where you are going to put your holes. Now, for ease of access, place the sign a table, and screw in the chain to one side of your board. Then, Screw the chain into the other side.
You now have a sign. If you would like to adhere a graphic to the sign, check out my instructable on using super 77, otherwise, have fun!