How to Build a Taser for Free!





Introduction: How to Build a Taser for Free!

This is a fun little project you can build! You can give your friends a really powerful electrical shock!

This project should be so easy to build that anybody can build! And best of all, it is free!

Disclaimer: This instructable involves modifying a device that operates on 300v. Use this modified device for educational and self-defense only, using this modified device on other people may results an serious injury or even kill other people. I am NOT responsible for any of actions using this modified devise, the responsibility is yours...
So be careful what you are doing, be safe and have fun!

Step 1: Get the Things!!

All you need is...
  • One used disposable camera of any kind. (You can get those used cameras for free at photo developing place like at wal-mart.)
  • Some wires. (I got mine from broken electronic devices)
  • some tape. (I used electrical tape)

And the tools...
  • Flat-head screw driver.
  • Something to strip the wires, wire strippers or a knife.

Step 2: Slaughter the Camera!

Now this is going to be a fairly dangerous part, open up the camera and get the circuit out safely without getting shocked by the capacitor...

(The capacitor in the camera is a large black cylinder thing, it is used for making flashes for the camera, but now we are going to use it to shock people!)

First, pry open the camera's case apart with a flat-head screwdriver or just use your hands if you like, but you are more likely to get shocked by the capacitor.
After you taken the camera's case off, discharge the capacitor with a insulated screw driver, and you may get a big loud spark, and after that, the capacitor is discharged... (Use a screwdriver you hate so much, because a fully charged capacitor will leave a scar on the metal part of the screwdriver!)

Great! You had done the dangerous step on this instructable! (Some people say this is the fun part of the instructable because you get a loud spark from the capacitor.)

Step 3: Modification Time...

The modification is very simple. Strip off 1/2 inch of insulation that on the wires and just wrap the two bare ends of the wires around the leads of the capacitor and tape it down so it won't come off and your almost done!

Step 4: Putting It Back Together...

After you had modified the camera, it is now time to put it back together!
Put the circuit board back into the camera's frame and put the camera's cases back on too, and make sure the two wire are sticking out on one end of the camera.
And don't forget to put the battery back in too!

Step 5: A Little Bit More to Go...

Okay, this is the last step, strip off another 1 inch of insulation off the wires and tape it down, but make sure the bare parts of the wire is exposed!


Step 6: Enjoy!

You are done!
The tazer gives out about 330 shocking volts!
Okay, you can go shocking your friends or use it for educational and self-defense...

Also, I am not responsible for losing your friends after shocking them!

Have fun!



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    so why do you discharge the capacitor?

    This would kill your friends under the right circumstances if they have a heart condition, also, just get a small pvc joint, get a few more caps, get two feet of stiff copper wire, replace the button with a switch, you get the idea.

    This project will build a device that will shock people. If you are thinking of making something that you can carry for self defense, neither the voltage or the amperage on this project is similar to a Tazer. As a result, if you were to use this against an attacker, it would shock them, probably piss them off, but would not incapacitate them like a Tazer would. Just something you might want to know...

    what is the amps? could this kill u?

    if you havent already figured it out, no it cant. unless you mod it. i have shocked myself many time making and redesigning these..hurts a bit though :)

    I bolt one it reley works

    Thanks to you, today I learned how to transform an old camera into a weapon. Happy New Year!!!! :-)

    it is the funnest part of the entire thing- exept for shocking the crap out of people

    i discharged the capacitor with a screw driver, but it recharged after... how do i make it stop recharging? email me @ thanks

    definately the best able of its kind... love it :D 5*