Step 6: Enjoy!

Picture of Enjoy!
You are done!
The tazer gives out about 330 shocking volts!
Okay, you can go shocking your friends or use it for educational and self-defense...

Also, I am not responsible for losing your friends after shocking them!

Have fun!
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tesla man3 years ago
what is the amps? could this kill u?
FrozenIce3 years ago
definately the best able of its kind... love it :D 5*
ugv78214 years ago
I used super Caps on 22uF and 500v, then i added three more batteries, and the power was enough to make an EMP that was capable of taking out a calculator at 20 feet of range!
kuratano4 years ago
Soooo it shocked me and a pair of scissors...and now it wont work. all the connections seem fine. so idk...any help?
There is a large chance that you destroyed the insulator inside the capacitor by "shorting" it out on your scissors.
chuerta14 years ago
"Also, I am not responsible for losing your friends after shocking them!" LoL!
webtelles4 years ago
I shocked myself by accident... and does hurt
eoj7774 years ago
i'm a total electronic noob but 'm tryin this, i got shocked a couple of times but then it doesnt seem to work. all my connections seem ok and the battery is good. could i have damaged the capacitor in some way or what?
ajyounes105 years ago
how dangerous is it?
I had already tested me, is actually quite strong, when I put the finger sprang up =D, but it is totally safe (if you have no heart problems or epilepsy)
kiongson5 years ago

i just tried this and i got shocked. it didnt feel good. i felt kinda dizzy and my hand really felt buzzed.:'(

timvdhoorn5 years ago
 how do you turn it off??
 Take the battery out, i guess. Or, just put it in a REALLY safe place where no one would touch it
K O A L15 years ago
the shock doesnt even have to hurt it just suprises someone so they think it hurts more than it really does, electricity does that sort of thing no matter what volt.
wait do u hold the button to charge the capacitor and then touch someone?
There is no need to hold the button down, press the button once . You can even take the battery out and the capacitor is still fully charged with 300 volts .
yeah you have to hold the button that was first used to charge the flash then you can go shock someone
icen6 years ago
I was stupid enough to test it on myself lol
the_lark icen6 years ago
I know how you feel...
pibbis56 years ago
sounds awesome, but is there any way to jack the voltage up to 1000 volts?
my camera only goes off when i touch the wires and it wont work on my skin. it wont even shock me when i touch the wires while itas touching my skin
cclark136 years ago
how do you get it to shock
poteet6 years ago
hahaha i didnt think i would get shocked if i took the battery out...boy was i wrong, i forgot that capasitors hold charges
Plasmana (author)  poteet6 years ago
Haha, that is the best way to learn - by the hard way...
aeronut016 years ago
BelovedKai, it might be burning because of incorrect battery installation. As I said in my new (and only) instructable, "installing the battery backwards will cause the circuit to burn out the smoke" if you took the battery out, make sure you know which way it goes back in. Plasmana, great job on the instructable, though I have a suggestion to make it even better. The capacitor is rated at 330 volts, so it might be LIMITING the voltage. Try cutting off the capacitor and attaching the outpuut wires directly to the board. I've heard this change can yeild about 1000 volts or more.
BelovedKai6 years ago
I tried it but my camera sort of burned out!!! Its oozing and it smells like burnt. Any tips? We got up to step four and thats as far as it goes... It did make a cool sound but yea....
yupwoop6 years ago
here here catty ;P
dude your a genius i got my sister with it and she jumped like 5 ft in the air.nice . love it. ugh im frigin hungry
this thing is amazingly stronger than i though. I love it!
Anyone have an idea as to how to make one with a little less shock without using half dead batteries? I was thinking of getting a camera that you have to hold the button for the flash to charge, so maybe only charging the flash a little bit would lower the voltage. Someone please tell me if this would work!
ren76246 years ago
Great science project! I might do this for science fair and I got to know, will the capacitor kill you? Cuz I will just go ahead and shock the judges if you don't tell me
timweaver176 years ago
is this legal to have in your possession?
everything is legal until you get caught =]
sartan6 years ago
believe me this works!! I got shocked on accident and it packs a charge....be careful
Plasmana (author)  sartan6 years ago
Yay! Good luck for you! And yeah, I got shocked by my shocker a few times...
iBurn6 years ago
I made one of these, but I put in an extra switch so the battery doesn't charge the capacitor all the time. Now you have to hold down an extra button in order for the capacitor to charge.
Plasmana (author)  iBurn6 years ago
That is a good idea...
iBurn Plasmana6 years ago
Yep. The last one I made I had in my backpack and when I reached in to get it it shocked me. So I headed over to walmart and got 4 more and put switches in them.
tylerhrules6 years ago
Will it work with a polaroid camera?
Plasmana (author)  tylerhrules6 years ago
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