Picture of How to build a Tire Rack
I Autocross (and do the occasional time trial), have 2 trucks and 2 cars and live in southern Ohio. This means I have tires in varying states of use.

I recently bought a house and now I have room to make a tire rack in the garage.

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Step 1: Location, Size and Design

Picture of Location, Size and Design
I choose the corner of the garage. I figured along the long side and not the back of the wall... because tires are kind of an eye sore and maybe I'd see less of them.

As for how big... I want room for a few set of snow tires if needed, a full set of race tires, and maybe a spare set of race tire.

My race tires are 315's for the front and 335's for the rear. Four 335's is like 50+ inches in width. This means my tire rack will be made 5 feet wide for some room and normal tires will have more per shelf.

Yes, per shelf. I want 3 shelves if possible. My garage has an eight foot ceiling. Since the tallest tire around my house is 28 inches I think this is possible. (I did not check the size of the big truck, but that truck gets an All-Terrain tire all the time.) The race tires are typically 25-26 inches tall.

So really the only design requirement is that the the whole thing is off the ground. With metal stand offs like the really expensive cabinets on Ultimate Garage or something.

Also, it would be really nice if the tire rack had some dual purpose -- it can be a regular shelf or something if I did not need all the room for tires.
great rack!
jmurockstar5 years ago
i need to make one of these. currently i have 1 set of wheels/tires in my utility closet, another set of wheels without tires in my basement den, and of course the 2 sets currently on the cars.
ritky5 years ago
This rack is awsome! AutoX/roadracers cheaper alternative to store bought systems! Thank you!
luvit5 years ago
i leave mine in the yard to expand my mosquito farm... seamonkey farms are so last decade. now i think a mosquito farm rack sounds nice.
Very nice. I approve.
those donuts suck! i was late to school because the tire popped so, well just pop on the spare, we drove down the street with that and it popped! on a little Toyota! lol
camp6ell7 years ago
really nice 90 degree joins.
just to say the square is a set square, it makes a right angle so things sit sqare
shortbus (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
Yeah, I know that. It still messed up my geometry until the seven grade.
oh the three triangles... I used to be a tyrefitter, these racks look better built than most commercial ones (made from flimsy sheet steel) the only complaint I have is that the construction is a bit over complicated a few right angle joints may be easier to make.
(removed by author or community request)
shortbus (author)  lil_timmy19907 years ago
Yes it would. It is sturdy. I was happy to get back the floor space.
nice rack, but not in that way. ahaha. i dont even have that many tires.
iairj847 years ago
Nice Rack Dude!