How to Build a Boat Out of Cardboard and Paper





Introduction: How to Build a Boat Out of Cardboard and Paper

This video shows how to make a single person boat using only cardboard, paper, glue, varnish, and paint.



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I saw some old plans from a do it your self book on making a canoe using a process like this. They used Shellac I think. I'd like to try a kayack with this method.

really awesome, ill try and build it

Hi!! Amazing boad, can you share the project plan? I'm really interested..bye

Well done. It is surprising that you haven´t used any epoxy resin. It would have made the boat walls more "plastic", but would have increased expense as well (which somehow would defeat the purpose of using paper to begin with...).
Obviously you have been watching other cardboard boats before going on --the inspiration shows-- and you have improved upon them, but I am also surprised that you --or the other guys who built paper boats-- do not treat cardboard the same way plywood is treated; i.e. you guys do not design paper boats with the same criteria used for plywood boats. Namely, I have the Six-Hour canoe or the plans in mind, which are very simple designs out of plywood. Generally speaking, what you do with plywood you could do with cardboard, so I don´t see a reason not to design a more rounded, a more hydrodinamic boat out of cardboard instead of having those sharp angles and edges.
You might be the guy to lead the way.... All the best and, again, congratulations.

Thanks for this great tips you've helped me out big time. I must say I like the look as it is.

great design. very well thought out. Do you have any plans to paint the outside or are you leaving it with the newsprint showing?

For now I'm just leaving the newspaper showing - I like that look. So did the local newspaper, since their paper is covering the hull! They published a little write-up on it, along with a photo.