Picture of How to build a bottle rocket with a parachute.
Have you ever wanted to be like a NASA scientist.  Well now you can with my easy steps on how to build your very own bottle rocket.  You will be able to understand the concepts of physics, while having FUN building a rocket.    
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Step 1: The materials you will need.

Picture of The materials you will need.
You will need the following:
one Cardboard box (You will need to cut out three wings.)
At least three empty soda bottles (2 litter size)
One role of plastic drop cloth. This can be found at any local hardware store.  I used 0.7 mil size (thickness).  I would not go much bigger.
One tennis ball 
One spool of nylon twine

Tools you will need:
one pair of good scissors 
One sharpie
one 12' inch ruler
One spool of duct tape
One hole puncher
you may also want a drill 

Step 2: Preparing your rockets engine.

Picture of Preparing your rockets engine.
First you will want to drink any of the soda inside your soda bottles. Then you should cut the labels from the bottles. Repeat for all the bottles you have.

Pick the best bottle for the engine.  This means make sure there are no holes or cuts in the bottle.  You should never have to cut the engine bottle. 

Step 3: The middle of the rocket.

Picture of The middle of the rocket.
It is now time to make the middle of the rocket.  Take one of the other soda bottles and cut the bottom and neck off of the bottle.  

Use the picture as a diagram.

Save the neck of the bottle you will need it for latter!

Step 4: Making wings!

Picture of Making wings!
Cut a flat piece of cardboard from your box.  Now you should trace three triangles and cut them out.  

The hypotenuse side should be 6' inches, the adjacent side should be 5' inches, and the opposite side should be 3' inches.

These measurements are what I used, you could test other shapes and sizes to see what fits your rocket best.  

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This looks awesome, but I do have a question. Do you just use the standard ,fill the bottom with water and hook it up to an air supply? Just wondering. but otherwise awesome project. :)

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u said u need not a engine.

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We have a sudden rash of water-rockets. I'm guessing it's a school project?

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