Introduction: How to Build a Card House

In this instructable, I will show you how to build a simple card house.I will also show you some of my card houses. Please do not critisize this instructable, some people out there really don't know how to make a house of cards.

Step 1: Base

this step is very simple, just make two cards lean towards eachother so it makes a triangle.

Step 2: Base and Alternative

you can go two ways with this one, you can add another triangle and top it with one card laying on top(1),or you can lean 2 more cards on the open sides of the triangle(2). the traditional card house is the first one. if you are doing the other, simply top it with a card laying horizontally(3)

Step 3: Finish It.

now just make one more triangle on top of the other two.this may be tricky because the cards constantly slip up and knock it over, then u gotta start all over again...and who wants that?

Step 4: My Card Houses

Here are some of my card houses, they take time and practice to make, so don't get frusturated if you can't do it.

Step 5: My Nearly Indestructable Card House

haha, i built this card house so well, when i went to destroy it by shooting it with wouldn't fall down! so i had do do it by hand


Fronds made it!(author)2016-11-14


ydanay made it!(author)2014-06-18

The most I've ever raged is when my house of cards fall down. Unless I made it fall down.

adolfhitler made it!(author)2008-11-19

That is a big card house. I have made some of them but that is a big card house.

awsome made it!(author)2008-11-20

it is isn't it?

PickPacket made it!(author)2008-09-18

I don't know how to make a house of cards, but yours is rather impressive. Maybe I will learn..

awsome made it!(author)2008-09-20

thanx, you should, its really fun!

GorillazMiko made it!(author)2008-09-19

They always say it's easy....

+5/5 stars.

The+Jamalam made it!(author)2008-09-18

kl, i will build this now!

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