I was inspired by this bike which is much more beautiful than the one I built. I built the bike in Haiti, with a minimum number of tools and ingredients. I would have posted this a couple months ago, but was delayed because as I was taping the stencil on the frame, Haiti was struck by 7.3 magnitude earthquake. Costs for this bike were $25 for the bike, about $10 for steel, and $5 for welding rods. With the seat tube change the frame is 17'' tall, I'm 6'2'' and it's not uncomfortable to ride and a friend who is about 5'6'' took a 20 mile ride on it recently and fared okay.

Step 1: Buy a Bike

Find an old 20-inch BMX bike.  I bought one on the street in Port Au Prince for $25 (I think I paid twice as much as it was worth). Try to find a bike that already has good brakes. My bike has a coaster brake in the back and cheap caliper brakes up front.
<p>This was just the sort of bike I was looking for! I joined this site, partly for help, and partly to comment on your build. Very practical, simple and helpful. I've found a frame and forks on EBay for &pound;12, which I've ordered. I hope to make mine electric, due to my age! If you see the Lorri, Biba, Donky and ODK bikes, you know you have done the right thing. Compact, with the weight down low. Well done.</p>
<p>Beautiful build. I love that you used parts and tools that are available around the world, and are not too income restricted. Little bike trucks like these solve so many issues all over the globe. Thanks for sharing!</p>
Great Job, turned out well.
&nbsp;Nice concept! Would use a larger frame though!
@ bertus52x11 -- I like the idea of the smaller frame; it makes mounting/dismounting MUCH easier. I currently use an extra-large framed Raleigh MT 20 like it's a large parcel truck and I have a heck of a time getting on/off when it is fully loaded. I have to lean the bike and sometimes spill my cargo. <br><br>@depp.ben -- Have you thought about also raising the handlebars? From the pictures, I imagine you kinda leaned forward. Is this an issue? Other than that I LOVE this instructable!!!! I'm gonna start hacking my daughter's 20&quot; bike as soon as she outgrows it! Thanks so much!!
What is the maximum/optimal/useful load?<br>What are the difficulties when driving (shimmy...)?
The frame size isn't bad, with the seat tube extended like it is it's a 17'' frame. The handle bars can be adjusted forward. Ideally I would build different handlebars with more sweep. <br /> <br />

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Bio: I'm working in Haiti and living in the lovely city of Port Au Prince.
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