Introduction: How to Build a Clean-burning Institutional Cookstove

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To get all of the wood-saving efficiency and smoke-minimizing power of the clean-burning household cookstove on a much larger scale, we provide this guide to building a professional-sized stove for businesses, schools or clinics. The guide is hand-drawn by Charles Newman, an architect and member of the Engineers Without Borders – USA New York Professional Chapter. Last year, Charles built and installed three versions of this stove in a grade-school kitchen in Usalama, Kenya. The stoves are part of a kitchen renovation that he performed on the slimmest of budgets ("$0.00," using repurposed parts and a leftover budget from an earlier project), which you can read about here . The stoves are still cooking in Usalama, and a copy of this same guide resides in the community's library.


jkim36 (author)2011-09-28

A good example of Appropriate technology that meshes with local needs and settings!

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