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Heres another Instructable showing how easy it is to make cool furniture out of natural ponderosa pine!  This table, however is constructed without  nails, screws, or any other metal fasteners.  Here we go...

Step 1: Materials....

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Materials and tools needed are...
18 linear ft of pine logs anywhere from 2 to 3 inches round usually works best. Use your drawknife and skip peel until desired look is achieved. If you have nice long lengths , its easier to peel before you cut them down to size.
One piece of flat pine stock 48"x14"x2" .
Wooden mallet
Drill with paddle/speed  bits ,tennon cutters
Stain  and clearcoat
kaykatz4 years ago
It has the Good Housekitty stamp of approval!
red-king5 years ago
 my father is a cabinet maker and made a couple of tables similar to these the year before last. They sold really quickly. I guess people like the "crude" (for lack of a better term) look of the wood this way. I believe his were made from birch.
yukonman5 years ago
Cool table and cool lamp! Thanks for the instructable.