How to Build a Floating Dock Using Heineken Mini Kegs.





Introduction: How to Build a Floating Dock Using Heineken Mini Kegs.

Step 1: Drink 96 Hieniken Mini Kegs and Then Get Them to the Location.

Step 2: Place Mini Kegs in Pre Built Wood Frame.

Step 3: Secure the Mini Kegs.

We used some old fence line laying around and stapled it to the frame... We are redneck like that....

Step 4: Drag the Soon to Be Dock Out Into the Water.

Step 5: Flip It Over and Find a Good Place to Secure It to Land.

just drive a couple of steaks into the ground and secure the dock with some chain or whatever you can find laying around. We used some coaxil cable.... And there you have a floating dock.



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    But when are you stuck on an island with lots of Heineken Mini Kegs?

    you can also try PET bottles inside plastic boxes and you can make a larger and stable dock :D

    But that would take the best part of the project out, unless beer comes in plastic bottles too ;)

    How much would one of these kegs cost i the US? The last time i bought one(I guess those are 5l?(169fl.oz)) I paid 300NOK, or 54 USD, so I think it would be a little to expensive for me to make.

    they are $17 or $18 bucks by me.

    They are only about $24 U.S. We have accumulated a couple hundred more and are about to begin on a shed.

    I believe the best part is emptying all these kegs.

    What a coincidence. All of my DIY projects start off with this same first step!

    Yeah mine too.....and depending how the project went...usually ends with that same step.

    The first step should be "Drink 96 mini heineken kegs and then when you are sober again (and not diead from alchool overdose) get them to the location" Preety cool project.