Step 1: Drink 96 Hieniken Mini Kegs and Then Get Them to the Location.

Step 2: Place Mini Kegs in Pre Built Wood Frame.

Step 3: Secure the Mini Kegs.

We used some old fence line laying around and stapled it to the frame... We are redneck like that....

Step 4: Drag the Soon to Be Dock Out Into the Water.

Step 5: Flip It Over and Find a Good Place to Secure It to Land.

just drive a couple of steaks into the ground and secure the dock with some chain or whatever you can find laying around. We used some coaxil cable.... And there you have a floating dock.
But when are you stuck on an island with lots of Heineken Mini Kegs?
you can also try PET bottles inside plastic boxes and you can make a larger and stable dock :D
But that would take the best part of the project out, unless beer comes in plastic bottles too ;)
How much would one of these kegs cost i the US? The last time i bought one(I guess those are 5l?(169fl.oz)) I paid 300NOK, or 54 USD, so I think it would be a little to expensive for me to make.
they are $17 or $18 bucks by me.
They are only about $24 U.S. We have accumulated a couple hundred more and are about to begin on a shed.
I believe the best part is emptying all these kegs.
What a coincidence. All of my DIY projects start off with this same first step!
Yeah mine too.....and depending how the project went...usually ends with that same step.<br>
The first step should be &quot;Drink 96 mini heineken kegs and then when you are sober again (and not diead from alchool overdose) get them to the location&quot; Preety cool project.
Get your friends to help, it's more fun with multiple people!
haha that is so much beer !!
Our next project starts in about a month, and we will construct a shack out of heiniken mini kegs and heiniken bottles to let in light. I think we'll call the &quot;Heini-Hut&quot;. kind catchy huh?
That's the best &quot;Step 1&quot; line I've ever read...<br />
What a great idea, I suppose it could be used with anything with sealed air inside as well, such as discarded plastic bottles which wash up all over the place and apear everywhere. Great work guys I like it, how long did it take you to drink all that beer.......?
Had the same idea that you did.&nbsp; Here is what I came up with.<br /> Worked well overall - but - if you place your pier/dock in a river that carries 6&quot; diameter trees 12' up the bank - be smarter than I was - secure it with more than some cinder block anchors.&nbsp; A few weeks after the build, my dock headed down the Cahaba toward the Gulf; never to be seen again.<br />
depends on your redneck level.
about a year, we have several saved up now... I think we are going to build a floating duck house neck.
couple hours maybe?
Well, you're using empty Heineken &quot;beer&quot; kegs.&nbsp; That pretty much screams Redneck anyway.<br /> <br /> But hey, being a Redneck simply means you make something useful out of the seemingly mundane.&nbsp; To me, there are few greater compliments.&nbsp; HOOAH!<br />
Or maybe a boat?
Heineken ftw guyze, big win :D
for a suposed redneck, thats pretty clever :D
Using 55 gallon drums would be cheaper and easier but not as fun :)
Now we have dozens more mini kegs, and not quite sure what to do with them.
it is a good idea and if you use the pond to water your trees or garden you could run a pipe to the end so you pickup clean water and not the mud of the bottom of the pond. have you stocked the pond with fish
Yeah dutch beer the best :P very nice but you must been very drunk!
you are really like Heineken so much, haha
Wouldnt finding 4 or so 55gallon drums be easier than drinking 96 Heineken kegs?
Beer does not come in 55 gallon drums! ;)
5 gallon plastic buckets with snap top lids can be found behind bakeries and grocery stores. The one problem with them is that you would have to clean each one out of the frosting, ketchup or butter that had been in them. An empty five gallon bucket would float up to 40 pounds.
Luckly there's a lake in the neighbourhood :)
it's just a pond
After drinking 96 Heineken kegs it may be that it is a lake.
Easier? Sure, but why be easy when you can be drunk?
I guess, but it just seams like a waste for those little kegs. You could probably sell them on the internet and buy a couple more cartons of piss.
easier, but more fun this way.
How long did it take to consume the 96 kegs?
nearly a year and a half.
Heineken has got to love the ingenuity behind this would make for a great commercial. Hey - There's a thought - with enough cool Instructables like this one done in video - you could slap them togehter and make a pilot and send it to MTV. - Hell - IMO it even smokes the JackAss World of reality - Much rather see this kinda thing on TV for sure. Great Job guys - gotta smile at this one - great use for the mini kegs! -chase-
Good idea yourself. I took your advice and sent an email to Heineken. I sent them an email but i doubt if we will hear anything back.
I calculate that 28,374,248 of these would be necessary to build a dock long enough to reach Amsterdam from Boston...so let's start drinking, we have a lot of work to do!
did you calculate in for waves and tide we might want to tack on an extra 100k
First Comment: AWESOME!!!<br/>Second Comment: I love the boat Ideas, I would suggest making as second and connecting them together for a bit more stability. That way when the wind hits your umbrella or trap, the &quot;boat&quot; doesn't flip over.<br/><br/>Third Comment: Okay not really a comment but it says &quot;Drink 96 Hieniken mini kegs&quot;. From the pictures I see that you had 7 columns and I believe 13 rows (from third picture in step three) which is 98 mini kegs. <br/>*shakes head* this is going to throw off my budgetting<br/>
Correction<br/>13 rows of 7 is 91 mini kegs<br/>14 rows of 7 is 98 mini kegs<br/>So either a miss count or the extra 5 mini kegs where not empty and empty on sight =)<br/><br/>
Referring to my list of redneck-preferred beers, I see Pabst, Busch, Milwaukee Beast,.. nope, no Heineken. I'm calling BS on the self-proclaimed title of redneck. :) On second thought, you drank 96 kegs of Heineken, stored 96 empty kegs of Heineken somewhere, dragged 96 kegs of Heineken into the middle of the woods, took some nice pictures of your Heineken kegs with the logo clearly visible, then you made an Instructable where you misspell "Heineken." And you have a four wheeler. So yeah, you win. :)
he was drunk you cant spell good when ur drunk

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