Picture of How to build a foldable beer pong table !
I built this beer pong table for a friend !
The issue is a beer pong table is really big so I create a foldable one!
This one is customized as a soccer ground.
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Step 7: Have fun !

Picture of Have fun !
Just one advice put orangejuice instead of beer in glasses :)

mcinas6 months ago
Have you thought about putting legs on it that fold in?
lpxav (author)  mcinas6 months ago
Hi, i thought about integrate foldable legs but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible for the first version. For the next one I Will try to integrate legs in it but not sure how to do it easily because I need to keep in stable and enough high and strong to bear the whole. I will publish it if I achieve a new version.


Have a Nice Day

Awesome! I love orange juice :)