This instructable I will tell you how to make a fort out of pillows.

Step 1: Gather the pillows

First you will need to gather some pillows. As you can see that in this picture I took three big pillows two I used for the walls of the fort and the other I used for the roof of the fort. I also took six regular sized pillows and put them againest the walls so that the fort would stay balanced.
You shold add more pillows <br>And put more Picturs up but looks cool thow
Ahhhhhhhhhh but it is a fort!&nbsp;&nbsp;A wonderful fort!&nbsp; My children used to build these when they were young.&nbsp; They'd have hours of fun playing in them.&nbsp; Thanks for the memories :0)
Hardly a fort, only just a pod rly lol. comfy tho :P

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