Picture of How to build a great big tall bike.
Hey, here is my great big tall bike.

 I was given lots of parts of bicycles and as as none of them were any good or complete I decided to uses up all the parts that I could to make something beautiful.

I used two mountain bike frames and an extra sets of forks ( three in total) and a bmx back wheel.

I made it up as I went along and it was lots of fun.

I used an arc welder (stick welder) which is not ideal for bike frames but if you don't mind burning a few holes into the frames then it is ok;  a Mig or acetylene welder would be easy peasy.

My welding is not so good so I jumped around on the frame before riding the bike to make sure that it was safe.

It rides like a dream.

The first step shows everything in an animation form ( this is also in the film) and then the subsequent steps show more detail.

Here is the video ( which is essentially someone riding the bike around in circles for 1 minute and eight seconds); enjoy.

Step 1:

Picture of
If you were too busy to watch the film then here is a quick animation.
FriendOfHumanity (author) 4 months ago

Thanks Crazypj,

Check out this site maybe.


kind regards


crazypj10 months ago

What a great idea, I have a few scrap frames from kids BMX bikes. They are way too small to be any use, but, some cutting and welding could make something 'weird'

Kiteman2 years ago
Love the animation - you ought to write another instructable on how you made it.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Thank you Kiteman; it's just stop frame animation.
Still, I'm sure it would be popular.
+1. Absolutely. Show us how you did it.
The animation is very effective.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  jhawkins142 years ago
Thanks man.
GreenHatNRG2 years ago
cool bike like the design looks like lots of fun
FriendOfHumanity (author)  GreenHatNRG2 years ago
Thanks GreenHatNRG, it's a scream to ride.
caarntedd2 years ago
I,ve been trying to work out a cool tall bike design to use up some of my old bike parts. I think this might be it. Great work and great i'ble. Thanks.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  caarntedd2 years ago
Thanks; post up a picture if you do.
rimar20002 years ago
Clever and original design solution.
FriendOfHumanity (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Hola Rimar2000,

Gracias por los lindos comentarios.
unigamer2 years ago
Very nice, and I enjoyed the video a lot. It was the perfect balance of showing the bike clearly and fun!
FriendOfHumanity (author)  unigamer2 years ago
Dear Unigamer,

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that you liked it.