Step 2: 2. Material & Equipment


- Four plates of 9 mm plywood (244cm x 122cm). Two plates are used as back plates and the other two to cut out the letters.
- 300 red E14 230V/10W carnaval/fair lights (I bought mine at www.multilightholland.nl. They sell complete light sets; including case, light bulb and socket. Also different voltages and LED, if you want.)
- 100 meter 1,5 mm electric cable
- 6 switch plugs (one for each letter)
- 1 can of red paint
- 1 can of black paint 


- a jig saw
- a drill
- a Philips screwdriver
- two paint rollers
- common sense
I'm sure that when you look at it up close, all you see is painted plywood and lights. But from the audience perspective it's all &quot;show&quot; and &quot;flash&quot; - exactly the effect you were aiming for. It even looks great in daylight. <br /> <br />I especially like your logo font. The crooked &quot;A&quot;, backwards &quot;R&quot; and the drop on the &quot;T&quot; are so creative and I agree with davidandora that it's perfect for this lighting effect. <br /> <br />I have no idea if I'll ever do something like this but I know I'll come back here for guidance. <br /> <br />NICE JOB!! <br /> <br /> <br />
I think the font he's going for as well as the red color is supposed to be reminiscent of the soviet union.
nice job
I LOVE these carnival lights and have used them many times to add fun to a project. In the U.S., you can obtain them from a few sources, the best probably being Action Lighting. <br /> <br />http://www.actionlighting.com/carnival-lighting/ <br /> <br />Your sign looks awesome! the logo lettering was especially excellent for this treatment! Great job!
Oh! This is good. Very good. I like this a lot!

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